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Version 1.0.1 report outdated
Updated on August 18, 2019
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Kinetic – Desktop, Mobile & Product App Theme is a versatile and cutting-edge WordPress theme designed to showcase and promote desktop, mobile, and product applications. With its sleek and modern design, Kinetic offers a seamless user experience that caters to both developers and end-users. This theme is perfect for individuals, startups, and businesses looking to create a professional and engaging online presence for their applications.

Design Ethos

Kinetic embodies a contemporary design ethos that focuses on simplicity, functionality, and visual appeal. The theme features a clean and intuitive interface that allows users to effortlessly navigate through the website. Its minimalist design ensures that the applications take center stage, while still providing ample space for informative content and captivating visuals. Kinetic’s design ethos emphasizes responsiveness, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices and screen sizes.


1. Responsive Design

Kinetic is built with a responsive design that adapts to various screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing experience for users accessing the website from desktops, tablets, or mobile devices. This feature is particularly beneficial as it allows applications to be showcased effectively across multiple platforms.

2. App Showcase

The theme offers a dedicated section to showcase applications, allowing developers to highlight the key features and functionalities of their products. With customizable layouts and stunning visual elements, Kinetic provides a platform for applications to shine and attract potential users.

3. One-Click Demo Import

Setting up a website using Kinetic is a breeze with its one-click demo import feature. Users can quickly import pre-built demo content, saving time and effort in setting up the site structure. This feature is especially useful for individuals or businesses that want to get their application website up and running swiftly.

4. Drag and Drop Page Builder

Kinetic integrates with a powerful drag and drop page builder, enabling users to create custom layouts and designs without any coding knowledge. This intuitive feature gives users the freedom to design their website according to their specific requirements, making it easier to showcase their applications and create a unique online presence.

5. App Screenshots and Videos

Kinetic allows developers to showcase their application’s user interface through screenshots and videos. This feature is crucial for demonstrating the functionality and visual appeal of the application, helping potential users make informed decisions. With Kinetic, developers can easily upload and organize their app screenshots, providing a visually engaging experience for visitors.

6. App Features and Descriptions

The theme provides dedicated sections for developers to highlight the key features and descriptions of their applications. This allows users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the application’s capabilities and benefits. Developers can utilize this feature to effectively communicate their app’s unique selling points and attract potential users.

7. Blogging Capabilities

Kinetic includes a fully-featured blogging platform, enabling users to create engaging content and share updates about their applications. This feature is particularly beneficial for developers who want to establish a community around their products and engage with their audience on a regular basis. The built-in blog functionality ensures a seamless integration of informative content alongside the application showcase.

8. SEO Optimization

Kinetic is designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, ensuring that your application website has the best chance of ranking well in search engine results. The theme incorporates clean code, fast loading times, and other SEO best practices, giving your application the visibility it deserves in search engines.

9. Social Media Integration

The theme seamlessly integrates with various social media platforms, allowing users to connect and share their application website easily. This integration helps to expand the reach of the application and encourages social engagement, ultimately driving more traffic and potential users to the website.

Use Cases

1. Mobile Application Developers

For mobile application developers, Kinetic offers a perfect platform to showcase their creations. With its app showcase features, developers can highlight the unique features and user interface of their mobile applications, attracting potential users and driving downloads. The responsive design ensures that the application is presented in the best possible way across different devices, enhancing the user experience and increasing the chances of user engagement.

2. Desktop Application Developers

Kinetic is equally suitable for desktop application developers. The theme’s sleek and modern design, combined with its customizable layouts, allows developers to effectively showcase their desktop applications’ functionalities and features. The ability to incorporate screenshots and videos creates an immersive experience for visitors, helping them understand the application’s capabilities and making informed decisions.

3. Product App Manufacturers

Kinetic can also be utilized by product manufacturers who want to promote their physical products that have accompanying mobile or desktop applications. The theme provides a platform to showcase the product, highlight its features, and seamlessly integrate the application’s functionalities. This use case is particularly beneficial for companies looking to create a unified online presence for their products and applications.

4. Startups and Businesses

Startups and businesses that offer applications as part of their services can leverage Kinetic to create a professional and engaging online presence. The theme’s drag and drop page builder allows businesses to customize their website according to their branding and unique requirements. The integration of blogging capabilities enables businesses to share updates, industry insights, and engage with their audience, creating a community around their applications.

5. App Review Websites

For app review websites, Kinetic provides a visually appealing and user-friendly platform to showcase and review applications. The theme’s app showcase features, combined with the ability to include screenshots and videos, allow for detailed reviews that help users make informed decisions. The responsive design ensures that the website is accessible and visually appealing across different devices, enhancing the user experience and increasing user engagement.


Kinetic – Desktop, Mobile & Product App Theme is a versatile and feature-rich WordPress theme designed to showcase and promote desktop, mobile, and product applications. With its sleek design, responsive layout, and powerful features, Kinetic offers developers and businesses an effective platform to present their applications to a wider audience. Whether you are a mobile or desktop application developer, a product manufacturer, or a business offering application services, Kinetic provides the tools and flexibility to create a professional and engaging online presence. With its intuitive user interface, customization options, and seamless integration of app showcase features, Kinetic is a top choice for anyone looking to make a lasting impression in the competitive application market.