AMP for WP

Image TitleVersionDate Download
AMP Cache for WordPress
AMP Cache for WordPress2.2.7May 31, 2020
Advanced AMP ADS
Advanced AMP ADS1.19.8June 27, 2020
AMP for WooCommerce Pro
AMP for WooCommerce Pro3.3.7May 8, 2020
Formidable Forms for AMP
Formidable Forms for AMP1.0.1May 2, 2020
iZooto for AMP
iZooto for AMP1.0April 18, 2020
JW Player compatibility for AMP
JW Player compatibility for AMP0.3May 23, 2020
LuckyWP Table of Contents for AMP
LuckyWP Table of Contents for AMP1.1.3July 11, 2020
Reading Progress Bar for AMP
Reading Progress Bar for AMP1.0April 18, 2020
Subdomain Endpoints for AMP
Subdomain Endpoints for AMP1.1.1June 27, 2020
Easy Table of Contents for AMP
Easy Table of Contents for AMP1.0.3July 11, 2020
Liveblog For AMP
Liveblog For AMP1.0.1January 25, 2020
Pinterest for AMP
Pinterest for AMP1.1.1May 2, 2020
The Events Calendar for AMP
The Events Calendar for AMP1.4.9May 31, 2020
ACF for AMP2.8.3April 10, 2020
AMP Email
AMP Email1.0January 25, 2020
AMP Gravity Forms
AMP Gravity Forms2.9.18.1July 2, 2020
AMP Page Builder Compatibility
AMP PageBuilder Compatibility1.9.37July 11, 2020
Call To Action for AMP
Call To Action for AMP2.3.14June 27, 2020
Contact Form 7 for AMP
Contact Form 7 for AMP1.29July 11, 2020
Content Teaser for AMP
Content Teaser for AMP1.5.3March 28, 2020
Email Opt-in Forms for AMP
Email Opt-in Forms for AMP1.9.18July 11, 2020
Floating Button for AMP
Floating Button for AMP1.0.2February 8, 2020
Purge AMP CDN Cache
Purge AMP CDN Cache2.0.4July 11, 2020
Shortcodes Ultimate for AMP
Shortcodes Ultimate for AMP1.5.7June 19, 2020
Table Of Content Plus For AMP
Table Of Content Plus For AMP1.6.4.1July 7, 2020
AMP Layouts
AMP Layouts1.9.24July 4, 2020
AMP Stories
AMP Stories1.4.1January 31, 2020
bbPress Forums for AMP
bbPress Forums for AMP1.4.1December 27, 2019
Caldera Forms for AMP
Caldera Forms for AMP1.2.3March 6, 2020
Classipress Theme Compatibility for AMP
Classipress Theme Compatibility for AMP0.7December 27, 2019
Comment Form for AMP
Comment Form for AMP2.7.4June 5, 2020
Custom Post Type Support for AMP
Custom Post Type Support for AMP1.6.1June 12, 2020
EDD for AMP1.3.3May 31, 2020
Facebook Chat for AMP
Facebook Chat for AMP1.2.2June 13, 2020
Newspaper Theme for AMP
Newspaper Theme for AMP2.0.15July 11, 2020
Ninja Forms for AMP
Ninja Forms for AMP1.2.3February 8, 2020
Polylang For AMP
Polylang For AMP1.2.2June 5, 2020
Popup for AMP
Popup for AMP1.5.6July 11, 2020
AAWP for AMP1.0.1June 13, 2020
Ratings for AMP
Ratings for AMP2.7.8May 24, 2020
WP Forms for AMP
WP Forms for AMP1.3.2March 21, 2020
CCPA for AMP1.0.1May 2, 2020
WPML For AMP1.7.5April 17, 2020

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