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Updated on June 7, 2024
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Important Notes

The plugin is activated, Use the following key when prompted: 43AC798A2DA21A4A7C5B29C0BA38B6AC

Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF Pro) is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the content management capabilities of WordPress by allowing users to create and manage custom fields. This plugin is widely used by developers, designers, and site owners to build more dynamic, content-rich websites. ACF Pro extends the functionality of the free version of Advanced Custom Fields with additional premium features, offering greater flexibility and control over custom field management.

Primary Functions

Advanced Custom Fields Pro’s primary function is to provide an intuitive interface for adding custom fields to WordPress edit screens. This allows users to easily capture additional data related to their posts, pages, custom post types, and even custom taxonomies. The plugin supports a wide variety of field types, making it a versatile tool for a range of use cases.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro Features

Field Types

ACF Pro supports a comprehensive range of field types, including:

  • Text: Single line text input.
  • Textarea: Multi-line text input.
  • Number: Numeric input.
  • Email: Email address input.
  • URL: URL input.
  • Password: Password input.
  • Wysiwyg Editor: Rich text editor.
  • Image: Image upload field.
  • File: File upload field.
  • Gallery: Image gallery field.
  • Select: Drop-down select field.
  • Checkbox: Checkboxes for multiple selections.
  • Radio Button: Radio buttons for single selection.
  • Button Group: Group of buttons for single selection.
  • True/False: Toggle switch for binary choice.
  • Link: URL with additional fields for title and target.
  • Post Object: Select a post from a list.
  • Page Link: Select a page link.
  • Relationship: Create relationships between posts.
  • Taxonomy: Select terms from a taxonomy.
  • User: Select a user.
  • Google Map: Google Map location picker.
  • Date Picker: Select a date.
  • Date Time Picker: Select a date and time.
  • Time Picker: Select a time.
  • Color Picker: Color selection tool.
  • Message: Display custom messages.
  • Accordion: Group fields within a collapsible accordion.
  • Tab: Separate fields into tabs.
  • Repeater: Create repeatable sets of subfields.
  • Flexible Content: Define custom layouts with flexible content blocks.
  • Clone: Duplicate existing fields or groups of fields.

Repeater Field

The Repeater Field is one of the standout features of ACF Pro. It allows users to create a set of subfields that can be repeated infinitely. This is particularly useful for content that has a variable number of items, such as slides in a slider, team members, or testimonials.

Flexible Content Field

The Flexible Content Field provides a highly flexible and customizable content layout system. Users can define different content blocks (layouts) and arrange them in any order. This feature is ideal for building complex page designs that require varied content structures.

Gallery Field

The Gallery Field simplifies the process of adding and managing image galleries. Users can upload multiple images, reorder them, and include captions. This field type is perfect for portfolios, product galleries, and any other content that benefits from visual presentation.

Options Page

ACF Pro allows users to create custom options pages, which can be used to manage site-wide settings. These options pages can be added to the WordPress admin menu and can include any combination of custom fields. This feature is useful for creating global settings, such as site-wide banners, contact information, or social media links.

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic allows fields to be shown or hidden based on the values of other fields. This feature enhances the user experience by simplifying the interface and only displaying relevant fields based on user input.

Field Groups

Field Groups are collections of fields that can be assigned to specific edit screens. This organizational feature makes it easy to manage and deploy sets of custom fields across different parts of a website.

JSON and PHP Field Export

ACF Pro supports exporting and importing field groups via JSON or PHP. This makes it easy to transfer custom field configurations between different WordPress installations or to version control them within a development workflow.

Enhanced Developer Tools

ACF Pro includes several features aimed at developers, such as hooks and filters for customizing field behaviors, and the ability to register fields programmatically. The plugin also offers comprehensive documentation and an API for extending its functionality.

Practical Use Cases

Custom Post Types

ACF Pro is frequently used to enhance custom post types. For instance, a real estate website might use custom post types for properties, with custom fields for price, location, number of bedrooms, and other relevant details.

User Profiles

Enhancing user profiles is another common use case. Custom fields can be added to user profiles to capture additional information such as social media links, job titles, and biographies.


In e-commerce, ACF Pro can be used to add custom product fields. For example, an online store might include fields for product specifications, dimensions, materials, and care instructions.

Content Blocks

For websites with complex page layouts, ACF Pro’s Flexible Content Field can be used to create reusable content blocks. This allows site administrators to build pages with a mix of predefined content sections, such as hero banners, feature grids, and testimonial sliders.

Event Management

Event management websites can benefit from ACF Pro by adding custom fields for event details such as date, time, location, speakers, and ticket prices. This structured data can then be displayed in a consistent format across the site.

SEO Enhancements

ACF Pro can be used to add custom SEO fields to posts and pages. Fields for meta descriptions, keywords, and schema markup can help improve the site’s search engine optimization.

Media Libraries

For websites with extensive media libraries, custom fields can be added to media items to store additional metadata, such as photographer credits, usage rights, and descriptive tags.


Advanced Custom Fields Pro is an indispensable tool for WordPress developers and site owners looking to extend the functionality of their websites. Its extensive range of field types, combined with powerful features like the Repeater Field, Flexible Content Field, and Options Page, make it a versatile solution for managing custom data. Whether you’re building a simple blog, a complex e-commerce site, or a dynamic content-rich website, ACF Pro provides the flexibility and control needed to create a tailored user experience. Its ease of use, combined with robust developer tools, ensures that both novice users and seasoned developers can leverage its capabilities to enhance their WordPress projects.

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