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Version 15.210114 report outdated
Updated on October 8, 2023
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License GPLv2+

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Aena is a premium WordPress theme designed to provide a next-level minimal design and pixel perfect typography. With its multiple layouts and extensive customization options in the native WordPress customizer, Aena allows users to create stunning online magazines, blogs, digital content websites, and more. This theme prioritizes content by bringing it to the forefront and showcasing the latest blog posts in a clean and minimalistic way. Aena is incredibly easy to install and customize, making it accessible for users of all levels of expertise.

Design Ethos

Aena is developed with a strong emphasis on attention to detail and typography. The theme’s creator, MajorThemes, is passionate about theme development and ensures that each theme is meticulously designed to provide an exceptional user experience. Aena is known for its elegant and minimalistic design, allowing the content to shine without distractions. The code and design quality of Aena are of the highest standard, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing website for users.

Key Features

Privacy First

Aena prioritizes privacy, ensuring that no telemetry, tracking, activation codes, hidden fees, or paid features are included. Users can have peace of mind knowing that their website and data remain private and secure.

Blog Layouts

Aena offers a variety of blog layouts to suit different content needs. Users can choose from Magic Masonry, Grid Layout, Standard Post, and List Layout, providing flexibility and customization options for their blog pages.

Featured Posts Layouts

Aena provides several featured post layouts to highlight important content. These layouts include Single Post, Two Posts Side by Side, Five Posts, Trio, Hexad, Slideshow, Rounded Three Posts, and Squared Three Posts. Users can select the layout that best suits their content and design preferences.

Header Layouts

The theme offers multiple header layouts, allowing users to customize the appearance and navigation of their website. Header layout options include Menu under logo, Logo left, menu right, Menu on both sides, Menu centered with left logo, and Hamburger menu.

Sidebar Layouts

Aena provides various sidebar layouts to accommodate different content and design preferences. Users can choose from Mixed with Posts, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, and Full Width options to create a visually appealing and functional website.

More Features

  • 94/96 Google PageSpeed Score: Aena is optimized for fast page loading, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for visitors.
  • Easy Installation: The theme can be installed and activated effortlessly, allowing users to get their website up and running quickly.
  • Support for Mobile Devices: Aena is compatible with all iPhone and iPad versions, as well as tested on popular Android devices, ensuring a responsive and mobile-friendly website.
  • Retina & 4K Displays Ready: The theme is designed to look crisp and stunning on high-resolution displays.
  • Customization Options: Aena offers over 30 customization options accessible through the Appearance > Customize menu, allowing users to personalize their website according to their preferences.
  • Unlimited Custom Colors: Users can choose from unlimited custom colors to match their branding or design aesthetic.
  • YouTube & Vimeo Automatic Video Import and Embed: Aena simplifies the process of importing and embedding videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Full Gutenberg Support: The theme fully supports the Gutenberg block editor, making it easy to create and manage content.
  • Native Image Gallery Styling: Aena provides stunning native image gallery styling options, enhancing the visual appeal of image-based content.
  • Wide Font Selection: Users have access to over 800 fonts from Google Fonts, allowing them to choose the perfect typography for their website.
  • Mailchimp Plugin Support: Aena seamlessly integrates with the Mailchimp plugin, enabling users to effortlessly manage their email marketing campaigns.
  • Minutes to Read Plugin: The theme supports the Minutes to Read plugin, providing an estimated reading time for blog posts.
  • SEO & SMM Optimized: Aena is optimized for search engines and social media, helping users reach a wider audience and improve their website’s visibility.
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons: Aena includes built-in sharing buttons for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, allowing visitors to easily share content on their favorite social media platforms.
  • Bootstrap Support: The theme is built with Bootstrap, ensuring compatibility with the popular front-end framework.
  • Featured Posts: Aena allows users to highlight specific posts as featured, drawing attention to important content.
  • Infinite Scroll Option: Users can enable infinite scroll, providing a seamless browsing experience for visitors.
  • Pagination Support: Aena offers easy-to-use pagination options for navigating through blog posts.
  • Embed Video Support: Users can easily embed videos from various sources, enhancing the multimedia capabilities of their website.
  • Widgetized Sidebar Areas: Aena supports widgetized sidebar areas, allowing users to add additional functionality and content to their website.
  • Selectable Fonts & Sizes: Users have the flexibility to choose fonts and sizes for their logo, headings, and body text, ensuring a cohesive and personalized design.
  • Secure & HTTPS Ready: Aena is designed to be secure and is ready for HTTPS implementation, providing a safe browsing experience for visitors.
  • Ready-to-Use Contact & About Pages: The theme includes pre-designed contact and about pages, enabling users to quickly set up essential website sections.
  • Social Network Links: Aena allows users to easily link their website to their social media profiles, encouraging visitors to connect and engage.
  • Localization Ready: The theme is localization ready, supporting translation into different languages to cater to a global audience.
  • Demo Data Included: Aena includes demo data, making it easier for users to set up their website and replicate the theme’s design.
  • Child Theme Included: The theme comes with a child theme, allowing users to make customizations without affecting the parent theme’s core files.
  • Documentation: Aena provides comprehensive documentation, ensuring users have access to guidance and support for setting up and customizing their website.
  • Free Updates & Support: Aena users receive free updates and 24/7 support from MajorThemes, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Use Cases

Aena’s content-focused design and extensive customization options make it suitable for various scenarios and use cases. Here are a few examples:

Online Magazine

Aena’s stunning homepage layout and diverse blog and featured post layouts make it an ideal choice for creating an online magazine. The theme’s minimalistic design ensures that the magazine’s content takes center stage, providing a visually appealing and engaging reading experience for visitors.

Personal Blog

For bloggers looking to showcase their writing in a clean and elegant manner, Aena offers a range of blog layouts and customization options. Whether it’s a standard blog layout, a grid-based design, or a unique masonry style, Aena allows bloggers to present their content in a way that reflects their personal style and enhances readability.

Digital Content Website

Aena’s versatility extends to digital content websites, such as portfolios, photography websites, or creative agency websites. With its customizable header and sidebar layouts, users can create a unique and visually stunning website to showcase their digital content and attract potential clients or customers.

News Portal

News portals require a design that focuses on delivering news articles in a clear and organized manner. Aena’s various blog layouts, featured post options, and customization capabilities make it an excellent choice for news portals. The theme’s fast page loading speed and responsive design ensure that news articles are easily accessible and readable on any device.

Business Website

Aena’s clean and professional design, coupled with its customization options, makes it suitable for creating business websites. Whether it’s a corporate website, a startup’s online presence, or a professional portfolio, Aena offers the flexibility to showcase content, highlight key information, and create a visually appealing representation of the business.

Aena – Content Focused WordPress Theme provides an exceptional platform for users to create visually stunning websites that prioritize content. With its privacy-first approach, easy installation, extensive customization options, and support for various use cases, Aena offers a versatile and user-friendly solution for WordPress users.