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Updated on September 27, 2023
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AIOSEO – Video Sitemap Addon is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance search engine optimization (SEO) efforts for websites that feature video content. It is an extension of the popular All in One SEO (AIOSEO) plugin, which is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive SEO solutions available for WordPress. With the Video Sitemap Addon, website owners can effectively optimize their video content for search engines, improve visibility, and attract a larger audience.

Primary Function

The primary function of AIOSEO – Video Sitemap Addon is to generate and submit video sitemaps to search engines. A video sitemap is a specialized XML document that provides search engines with detailed information about the video content available on a website. By creating and submitting this sitemap, website owners can ensure that search engines properly index and rank their video content, leading to increased visibility and organic traffic.


1. Automatic Video Sitemap Generation: The addon seamlessly integrates with AIOSEO plugin and automatically generates video sitemaps for all the video content on a website. This eliminates the need for manual creation and ensures that all videos are included in the sitemap.

2. Customizable Video Sitemap: The plugin allows users to customize their video sitemaps according to their specific requirements. Users can include or exclude certain videos, set priority levels, define video categories, and add additional metadata such as video duration, thumbnail URLs, and video player URLs.

3. Support for Multiple Video Platforms: AIOSEO – Video Sitemap Addon supports a wide range of video platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and self-hosted videos. This ensures that website owners can optimize their video content regardless of the platform they use.

4. Video Schema Markup: The addon automatically adds video schema markup to the video pages, which helps search engines understand the content and context of the videos. This markup enhances the chances of videos being displayed as rich snippets in search engine results, attracting more attention from users.

5. XML Sitemap Integration: The plugin seamlessly integrates with the XML sitemap functionality of AIOSEO plugin. This means that video sitemaps are automatically included within the main XML sitemap, making it easy for search engines to discover and crawl the video content.

6. Video Analytics: The addon provides basic video analytics, allowing users to track the performance of their videos. Users can monitor video views, engagement metrics, and other relevant statistics, helping them make informed decisions about their video content strategy.

Use Cases

1. Video Bloggers and Vloggers: For bloggers and vloggers who heavily rely on video content, AIOSEO – Video Sitemap Addon is an essential tool. By optimizing their video content for search engines, they can attract a larger audience and increase their visibility in search engine results. The addon’s support for multiple video platforms ensures compatibility regardless of where the videos are hosted.

2. Business Websites: Many businesses use videos to showcase their products, services, and company culture. By utilizing AIOSEO – Video Sitemap Addon, businesses can ensure that their videos are properly indexed and ranked in search engine results. This can lead to increased brand exposure, improved website traffic, and potentially more conversions.

3. Online Courses and E-Learning Platforms: Websites offering online courses or e-learning platforms can benefit from the addon’s video sitemap generation capabilities. By optimizing their course videos, they can attract more students and improve their visibility in search engine results. The addon’s video analytics feature also provides insights into student engagement and video performance.

4. News and Media Websites: News and media websites often rely on video content to deliver news stories and engage their audience. AIOSEO – Video Sitemap Addon enables these websites to optimize their video content for search engines, ensuring that their videos are prominently featured in search results. This can lead to increased viewership and user engagement.

5. Entertainment and Lifestyle Websites: Websites focusing on entertainment, lifestyle, or any niche that heavily relies on video content can greatly benefit from the addon. By optimizing their videos, these websites can attract a larger audience, increase user engagement, and potentially monetize their video content through ads or sponsorships.

In conclusion, AIOSEO – Video Sitemap Addon is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances SEO efforts for websites featuring video content. With its automatic video sitemap generation, customizable options, support for multiple video platforms, video schema markup, XML sitemap integration, and video analytics, website owners can optimize their videos for search engines and attract a larger audience. Whether you are a video blogger, business website, e-learning platform, news website, or entertainment/lifestyle website, this addon can significantly improve your video content’s visibility and performance in search engine results.

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