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Version 1.0.1 report outdated
Updated on April 8, 2023
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The AutomatorWP – JetEngine addon is an extension designed to integrate JetEngine with AutomatorWP. JetEngine is a popular plugin used for adding and managing custom post types, custom taxonomies, and custom fields to a WordPress site. This addon allows users to automate various tasks and actions between WordPress and JetEngine, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of both platforms.

Primary Function

The primary function of this addon is to create a seamless connection between WordPress and JetEngine. It enables users to automate actions related to custom post types, taxonomies, and fields, providing more control and flexibility in managing content.


1. Trigger Automation

  • Custom Post Type Triggers: Automate actions based on events related to custom post types, such as creation, update, or deletion.
  • Custom Taxonomy Triggers: Initiate specific actions when custom taxonomies are added, modified, or removed.

2. Action Automation

  • Automated Management: Set up automated workflows for managing custom post types, taxonomies, and fields, reducing manual effort.
  • Data Integration: Sync data between WordPress and JetEngine, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

3. Integration with Other Plugins

  • Compatibility: Like other AutomatorWP addons, the JetEngine addon is often compatible with other popular WordPress plugins, allowing for more complex and customized automation workflows.

Examples of Use Cases

Content Management

For content managers and developers, the addon can be used to automate the creation, update, or deletion of custom post types and taxonomies, streamlining content management processes.

Dynamic Websites

Website owners who utilize custom fields to create dynamic content can benefit from the addon’s automation capabilities, ensuring that data is consistently and accurately managed across the site.

Custom Development

Developers working on custom WordPress projects can leverage the addon to automate repetitive tasks, enhance development efficiency, and ensure data integrity.


The AutomatorWP – JetEngine addon is a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their WordPress site’s functionality through the use of custom post types, taxonomies, and fields. By providing robust automation features and seamless integration with JetEngine, it offers a streamlined way to manage and control custom content.

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