BookingPress – Custom Service Duration Addon

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Version 1.9 report outdated
Updated on April 27, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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BookingPress – Custom Service Duration Addon is a powerful extension for WordPress websites that enhances the functionality of the BookingPress plugin by allowing users to set custom service durations for their appointments or bookings. This addon is designed to cater to businesses and service providers who offer services with varying durations and need flexibility in scheduling appointments.

Primary Function

The primary function of BookingPress – Custom Service Duration Addon is to provide users with the ability to define custom service durations for their appointments or bookings. This means that businesses can set specific time durations for each service they offer, allowing for more accurate scheduling and better management of their appointments.


BookingPress – Custom Service Duration Addon comes with a range of features that make it a valuable tool for businesses and service providers. Some key features of this addon include:

1. Custom Service Durations: Users can set unique time durations for each service they offer, giving them the flexibility to cater to different types of appointments.

2. Flexible Scheduling: The addon allows for easy customization of appointment durations, enabling businesses to manage their schedules more efficiently.

3. Improved Booking Experience: By offering custom service durations, businesses can provide a more personalized booking experience for their clients, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

4. Seamless Integration: BookingPress – Custom Service Duration Addon seamlessly integrates with the BookingPress plugin, ensuring a smooth user experience and easy setup process.

5. Time Slot Management: Users can easily manage time slots for appointments and bookings, ensuring optimal utilization of their resources.

Use Cases

BookingPress – Custom Service Duration Addon is particularly useful in various scenarios and use cases, including:

1. Spa and Wellness Centers: Businesses in the spa and wellness industry often offer services with varying durations, such as massages or facials. This addon allows them to customize service durations based on the type of service being offered.

2. Fitness Studios: Gyms and fitness studios can benefit from this addon by setting different time slots for personal training sessions, group classes, or consultations.

3. Medical Practices: Healthcare providers can use this addon to manage appointments for different medical procedures or consultations that require specific durations.

4. Beauty Salons: Beauty salons offering services like haircuts, styling, or manicures can utilize custom service durations to streamline their booking process and optimize their schedules.

Alternative Plugins/Addons

While BookingPress – Custom Service Duration Addon offers unique features and functionality, there are alternative plugins and addons for WordPress that provide similar capabilities. Some alternatives to consider include:

1. Amelia – Booking Plugin: Amelia is a popular booking plugin for WordPress that offers customizable booking forms, appointment scheduling, and service duration settings. It provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline their booking process.

2. Bookly PRO – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System: Bookly PRO is another robust plugin that allows users to set custom service durations, manage appointments, and accept online bookings. It offers a range of features for businesses of all sizes.

3. BirchPress Scheduler: BirchPress Scheduler is a versatile scheduling plugin for WordPress that enables users to create custom booking forms, manage appointments, and set service durations. It is suitable for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, beauty, and professional services.

In conclusion, BookingPress – Custom Service Duration Addon is a valuable extension for the BookingPress plugin, offering users the flexibility to set custom service durations for their appointments. With its range of features and seamless integration, this addon is ideal for businesses and service providers looking to optimize their booking process and provide a personalized experience for their clients.