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Updated on March 19, 2024
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The Bookly Customer Groups add-on is an extension for the Bookly Booking Plugin on WordPress, designed to enhance customer management and service personalization by allowing businesses to group their customers based on various criteria. This segmentation capability enables businesses to tailor their services, discounts, and communication more effectively, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Whether you run a salon, a clinic, a consultancy, or any service-oriented business, understanding and categorizing your customer base is crucial for offering personalized experiences and operational efficiency.

Primary Functions

The primary function of the Bookly Customer Groups add-on is to extend the Bookly Booking Plugin’s functionality by enabling the categorization of customers into different groups. This categorization allows for the application of specific booking rules, discounts, and communication strategies to different customer segments, enhancing the overall booking and service experience.

Key Features

1. Customer Segmentation

Businesses can create various customer groups based on criteria such as booking frequency, service preferences, membership status, or any other relevant factor. This segmentation allows for more targeted and personalized service offerings.

2. Customizable Discounts and Pricing

The add-on enables differential pricing and discount strategies for different customer groups. For example, VIP customers can receive automatic discounts on certain services, encouraging loyalty and repeat business.

3. Priority Booking

Customer groups can be given different levels of priority. High-priority groups, such as VIPs or members, might have the advantage of booking popular service slots that are not available to other customers, providing a sense of exclusivity.

4. Personalized Communication

With customer groups, businesses can tailor their communication strategies to send targeted emails or notifications. This could include special offers for specific groups, reminders for service renewals, or personalized greetings and offers on birthdays and anniversaries.

5. Reporting and Analytics

The Bookly Customer Groups add-on enhances reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to analyze booking trends, revenue, and customer behavior within each group. This data is invaluable for refining marketing strategies and improving service offerings.

Practical Use Cases

1. Salons and Spas

Salons and spas can use customer groups to offer loyalty discounts to regular customers or to create exclusive packages for VIP clients, enhancing customer retention and satisfaction.

2. Fitness Centers and Gyms

By categorizing members into different groups, fitness centers can offer personalized class bookings and membership renewals, such as exclusive access to premium facilities or classes for certain members.

3. Medical Clinics

Clinics can segment patients by treatment type or frequency of visits, allowing for customized appointment reminders, follow-up schedules, and special healthcare packages for chronic patients.

4. Consulting and Coaching Services

Consultants and coaches can benefit from customer segmentation by offering personalized booking slots, session packages, and follow-up communications based on the client’s progress or membership level.

5. Educational Workshops and Courses

Educational providers can organize students into groups based on their course level or interest area, enabling tailored communication about upcoming courses, workshops, and related services.


The Bookly Customer Groups add-on is a powerful extension for any service-oriented business looking to enhance its booking system’s functionality with customer segmentation. By enabling personalized service offerings, differential pricing, priority booking, and targeted communication, businesses can significantly improve the efficiency of their operations and the quality of customer interactions. Whether for salons, fitness centers, medical clinics, or any other service provider, the Bookly Customer Groups add-on offers the tools needed to cultivate customer loyalty and drive business growth through personalized service delivery.