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Version 1.3 report outdated
Updated on December 2, 2021
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License GPLv2+

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Cryptokn is a cutting-edge WordPress theme specifically designed for ICO (Initial Coin Offering) landing pages and cryptocurrency-related websites. With its sleek and modern design, Cryptokn offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals looking to create a professional and captivating online presence in the cryptocurrency industry.

Design Ethos

Cryptokn embodies a design ethos that revolves around simplicity, elegance, and professionalism. The theme features a clean and minimalist layout, with a focus on highlighting the key elements and information related to ICOs and cryptocurrencies. The use of vibrant and eye-catching colors, combined with well-structured sections, ensures an engaging and visually appealing experience for visitors.


1. ICO Countdown Timer

Cryptokn includes a built-in countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency and excitement among potential investors. This feature allows you to display the remaining time until the ICO ends, helping to drive conversions and encourage users to take action.

2. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker

Keeping visitors informed about the latest cryptocurrency prices is crucial in the fast-paced world of digital currencies. Cryptokn offers a live price ticker that can be easily integrated into your website, ensuring that visitors have access to real-time market data.

3. Token Sale Progress Bar

To showcase the progress of your ICO, Cryptokn provides a visually appealing progress bar. This feature allows you to display the percentage of tokens sold, creating a sense of trust and transparency among potential investors.

4. Team Members Section

Cryptokn includes a dedicated section to showcase your team members and their expertise. This feature helps to build credibility and establish trust with potential investors by highlighting the qualifications and experience of the individuals behind the project.

5. Roadmap and Milestones

Communicating your project’s roadmap and milestones is crucial for gaining investor confidence. Cryptokn offers a visually appealing and interactive roadmap section, allowing you to highlight key milestones and provide a clear timeline for your project’s development.

6. Testimonials

Cryptokn includes a testimonial section where you can showcase feedback and positive experiences from satisfied investors or users. This feature helps to build social proof and instill confidence in potential investors, increasing the likelihood of their participation in your ICO.

7. Blog and News Section

To keep your audience engaged and informed, Cryptokn provides a dedicated blog and news section. This feature allows you to share the latest updates, insights, and industry news related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs, positioning your website as a valuable resource for visitors.

8. Responsive and Retina Ready

With the increasing use of mobile devices, having a responsive website is essential. Cryptokn is fully responsive and ensures that your website looks and functions flawlessly on various screen sizes and devices. Additionally, the theme is retina-ready, providing crisp and high-resolution visuals for users with retina displays.

Use Cases

1. ICO Launches

Cryptokn is an excellent choice for businesses or individuals planning to launch an ICO. Its dedicated features, such as the countdown timer, token sale progress bar, and roadmap section, provide the necessary tools to effectively communicate your project’s goals, progress, and timeline. The clean and modern design of Cryptokn enhances the credibility and professionalism of your ICO, attracting potential investors and increasing the chances of a successful fundraising campaign.

2. Cryptocurrency Blogs and News Websites

If you are running a cryptocurrency blog or news website, Cryptokn offers a range of features to help you create a captivating and informative platform. The blog and news section, combined with the responsive design and retina-ready visuals, ensure a seamless user experience across devices. The inclusion of a cryptocurrency price ticker keeps your audience up-to-date with the latest market trends, making your website a go-to resource for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

3. Cryptocurrency Consulting and Services

For businesses or individuals offering cryptocurrency consulting or related services, Cryptokn provides a professional and visually appealing platform to showcase your expertise. The team members section allows you to introduce your team and their qualifications, while the testimonial section helps build trust and credibility. The responsive design ensures that potential clients can access your website from any device, maximizing your reach and potential to attract new clients.

4. Cryptocurrency Events and Conferences

If you are organizing a cryptocurrency event or conference, Cryptokn can serve as an effective promotional tool. The theme’s sleek design and dedicated sections, such as the countdown timer and roadmap, help create anticipation and generate interest among potential attendees. The blog and news section can be utilized to share updates and important information about the event, ensuring a seamless user experience for interested participants.


Cryptokn is a feature-rich and visually stunning WordPress theme designed specifically for ICO landing pages and cryptocurrency-related websites. Its clean and modern design, combined with a range of dedicated features, makes it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals looking to establish a professional and captivating online presence in the cryptocurrency industry. Whether you are launching an ICO, running a cryptocurrency blog, offering consulting services, or organizing events, Cryptokn provides the necessary tools and functionalities to help you succeed in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.