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Version 1.4 report outdated
Updated on October 8, 2023
Auto Updates No
License GPLv2+

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Diux is a responsive one-page portfolio WordPress theme designed with a clean, simple, minimalist, and elegant aesthetic. It is an ideal choice for creative digital agencies, freelancers, or individuals looking to showcase their portfolios and sell services. Built on the powerful Twitter Bootstrap framework, Diux offers a range of features and customization options to create a stunning and professional online presence.

Design Ethos

The primary design ethos of Diux is to provide a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. The theme’s clean and minimalist design ensures that the focus remains on the showcased content, allowing it to shine. With its elegant layout and smooth animations, Diux creates a polished and professional impression that is sure to leave a lasting impact on visitors.


Diux comes packed with a variety of powerful features that enhance its functionality and versatility. Here are some notable features:

Build with Twitter Bootstrap

Diux is built on the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework, which provides a solid foundation for responsive and mobile-friendly design. This ensures that your website will look great and function smoothly on any device or screen size.

Icon Powered by Fontawesome

The theme includes a collection of icons powered by Fontawesome, allowing you to easily incorporate visually appealing icons into your website. These icons can be used to enhance the user interface, highlight important information, or add decorative elements.

Responsive Design

Diux is fully responsive, meaning it automatically adjusts its layout to provide an optimal viewing experience on different devices, such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. This ensures that your website looks and functions flawlessly across various platforms, improving user engagement and accessibility.

Slider, Video, and YouTube Background

Diux allows you to create engaging and dynamic content by incorporating sliders, videos, or YouTube backgrounds. This feature enables you to showcase your portfolio, services, or any other visual content in an interactive and captivating manner.

Homepage Custom Layout

With Diux, you have the flexibility to customize the layout of your homepage according to your preferences. This feature allows you to create a unique and personalized design that aligns with your branding and showcases your content effectively.

Ajax Portfolio

The theme offers an Ajax-powered portfolio functionality, allowing you to display your projects or works in a seamless and interactive manner. Visitors can navigate through your portfolio items without having to reload the entire page, providing a smooth and engaging user experience.

Isotope Filtering

Diux incorporates Isotope filtering, which enables visitors to filter and sort your portfolio items based on different categories or tags. This feature helps users quickly find the specific content they are looking for, enhancing the usability and accessibility of your website.

Black and White Effect

The theme includes a black and white effect option, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your website. This effect can be applied to certain sections or elements, creating a visually striking contrast and emphasizing important content.

And Many More

In addition to the aforementioned features, Diux offers a range of other functionalities and customization options. These include various Google Fonts for typography customization, preloader fixes, and compatibility updates to ensure a smooth user experience.

Use Cases

Diux is particularly well-suited for individuals or businesses in the creative industry who want to showcase their work and services effectively. Here are some use cases where Diux can be especially beneficial:

Creative Digital Agencies

Diux provides creative digital agencies with a visually stunning and user-friendly platform to showcase their portfolio, highlight their services, and attract potential clients. The theme’s responsive design and customizable layout options allow agencies to create a unique and impactful online presence that aligns with their brand identity.


For freelancers, Diux offers a professional and elegant way to display their portfolio and promote their services. The theme’s one-page layout and smooth scrolling navigation make it easy for potential clients to explore their work and get a comprehensive understanding of their expertise.

Photographers and Designers

Photographers and designers can leverage Diux’s visual-centric design to showcase their artistic work in a captivating manner. The theme’s support for sliders, videos, and YouTube backgrounds allows them to present their portfolio items in a dynamic and engaging way, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Personal Branding

Diux can also be used by individuals looking to build a personal brand and showcase their skills or expertise. Whether you are a freelancer, consultant, or professional in any field, the theme’s clean and minimalist design provides a professional platform to present your achievements and attract potential opportunities.

In conclusion, Diux – Responsive One Page Portfolio Theme offers a visually appealing and user-friendly solution for individuals and businesses in the creative industry. With its clean design, powerful features, and customization options, Diux allows you to create a stunning online portfolio that effectively showcases your work and services. Whether you are a creative agency, freelancer, photographer, or individual looking to build a personal brand, Diux provides the tools and flexibility to create a professional and impactful online presence.