Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration

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Version 1.4.9 report outdated
Updated on January 23, 2023
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License GPLv2+

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The Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration is a powerful WordPress plugin that seamlessly combines the functionalities of the Dokan multi-vendor marketplace plugin and the WooCommerce Bookings extension. This integration enables vendors on the Dokan platform to offer booking and appointment-based products, providing customers with the convenience of scheduling services or reserving time slots directly from the marketplace. This plugin enhances the versatility of the marketplace and expands its offerings to include businesses that operate on a booking or appointment basis.


1. Booking Product Creation

The Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration empowers vendors to create booking products effortlessly. Vendors can specify various booking parameters, such as available time slots, duration, capacity, and pricing. This feature enables vendors to offer services such as consultations, classes, rentals, appointments, and more, directly within the Dokan marketplace.

2. Flexible Booking Availability

With this integration, vendors can set flexible booking availability based on their preferences. They can define specific days and time slots when their services are available for booking. This level of customization allows vendors to manage their availability efficiently and avoid scheduling conflicts.

3. Real-Time Availability Calendar

The integration provides a real-time availability calendar for customers to view and select suitable booking slots. Customers can easily check the available dates and time slots, ensuring they can make reservations according to their preferences. The calendar interface provides a user-friendly experience and facilitates smooth booking interactions.

4. Customizable Booking Rules and Restrictions

Vendors have granular control over the booking process through customizable rules and restrictions. They can define parameters such as minimum and maximum booking durations, buffer times between appointments, and the number of participants allowed per booking. These settings ensure that vendors can accommodate their customers’ needs while managing their resources effectively.

5. Integrated Payment and Confirmation

The integration seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce’s payment gateway, allowing customers to make secure online payments while booking services. Once a booking is confirmed, customers receive instant confirmation notifications, providing them with peace of mind and assurance that their reservation is secured. Vendors can also access the booking details and payment information from their vendor dashboard.

Use Cases

The Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration is suitable for a wide range of businesses and industries that rely on bookings and appointments. Here are a few use cases where this integration can be particularly useful:

1. Service-based Businesses

Businesses that offer services such as spas, salons, fitness classes, coaching sessions, or consulting services can leverage this integration to streamline their booking process. Vendors can showcase their services on the Dokan marketplace, and customers can conveniently schedule appointments based on their availability, making the entire booking experience seamless and efficient.

2. Rental and Accommodation Businesses

For vendors in the rental and accommodation industry, the Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration is a valuable tool. Vendors can list their rental properties, hotel rooms, or vacation homes on the Dokan marketplace and allow customers to book specific dates and durations. The integration’s customizable booking rules and restrictions ensure that vendors can manage their bookings effectively and avoid double bookings.

3. Event and Workshop Organizers

Event organizers and workshop providers can benefit greatly from this integration. They can create and promote their events or workshops on the Dokan marketplace, and customers can easily reserve their spots by selecting the desired date and time slot. The integrated payment system simplifies the registration process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both vendors and customers.

Comparison with Similar Plugins

While there are several booking plugins available for WooCommerce, the Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration stands out with its seamless integration with the Dokan multi-vendor marketplace plugin. Here’s a comparison with a similar plugin:

WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings is a popular plugin for adding booking functionality to WooCommerce stores. It offers features such as customizable booking options, availability calendars, and integrated payments. However, it does not have native integration with the Dokan multi-vendor marketplace plugin. If you are already using Dokan to power your multi-vendor marketplace, the Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration is the preferred choice as it seamlessly integrates with the existing platform, allowing vendors to offer booking services directly from their vendor dashboard.


The Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration is a valuable plugin for multi-vendor marketplaces powered by Dokan, enabling vendors to offer booking and appointment-based services directly from the marketplace. With its intuitive booking product creation, flexible availability settings, real-time availability calendar, and customizable booking rules, this integration provides a seamless and efficient booking experience for both vendors and customers. It caters to a wide range of industries and businesses that rely on bookings and appointments, making it an essential tool for service providers, rental businesses, event organizers, and more. If you are looking to expand your multi-vendor marketplace with booking functionality, the Dokan – WooCommerce Booking Integration is a powerful and reliable solution.