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Version 4.9.12 report outdated
Updated on April 13, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Download Monitor is a comprehensive WordPress plugin designed to manage and track file downloads on your website. Offering an intuitive interface and a plethora of features, it simplifies the process of adding downloadable files, monitoring download activity, and controlling access. It’s an essential tool for website owners who distribute digital content directly from their WordPress site, including but not limited to PDFs, ebooks, software, music, and video files. By providing detailed insights into how your files are being downloaded, Download Monitor helps you understand user engagement and protect your digital assets.

Primary Functions

The core functionality of Download Monitor revolves around the management of downloadable files and the tracking of their downloads. It allows users to upload and categorize files, create download buttons or links, and insert them into posts, pages, or anywhere on their site. Additionally, it tracks each download, providing valuable data such as the number of downloads, user IP addresses, and the date and time of each download.

Key Features

1. Easy Upload and Management of Downloads

Download Monitor provides a user-friendly interface for uploading and managing downloadable files. Users can categorize and tag files, making it easy to organize and retrieve them for display on different parts of the website.

2. Shortcode Integration

The plugin offers shortcodes that can be inserted into posts, pages, or widgets, allowing you to display download links or buttons anywhere on your site with ease.

3. Download Tracking and Reporting

With detailed tracking and reporting capabilities, Download Monitor offers insights into download activity, including statistics on the most popular files, download counts, and user access. This information is invaluable for understanding how your content is being used and can inform content and marketing strategies.

4. Access Control

Download Monitor allows you to control who can access your downloadable files. You can restrict downloads to logged-in users or specific user roles, helping protect your digital content and ensure it’s accessed only by authorized users.

5. Version Management

The plugin supports version management for each file, allowing you to easily update files without changing the download link or losing track of download statistics. This feature is particularly useful for software developers or anyone who regularly updates their digital content.

6. Customizable Templates

Download Monitor comes with customizable templates for displaying download links and buttons, giving you control over the appearance of your downloadables on your site. You can adjust the layout, styling, and information displayed to match your site’s design and user experience preferences.

Practical Use Cases

1. E-Commerce Stores for Digital Products

Online stores selling digital products like ebooks, music, or software can use Download Monitor to manage their product files, track sales and downloads, and protect their digital assets.

2. Educational Resources

Educational institutions and e-learning platforms can utilize the plugin to distribute course materials, assignments, and educational content, ensuring that only enrolled students have access to downloads.

3. Content Creators and Bloggers

Bloggers and content creators offering exclusive content, such as premium articles, templates, or guides, can benefit from Download Monitor’s tracking and access control features to manage their digital offerings.

4. Software Developers

Developers distributing software, plugins, or themes can leverage version management and download tracking to manage updates efficiently and understand user engagement.

5. Corporate Websites

Corporations can use Download Monitor to distribute corporate documents, investor reports, or promotional materials, tracking usage and controlling access to ensure information security.


Download Monitor is a versatile and powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the management and tracking of digital downloads on your website. With features like easy file management, detailed reporting, access control, and customizable templates, it caters to a wide range of use cases from e-commerce to education and content creation. Whether you’re selling digital products, offering educational materials, or distributing software, Download Monitor provides the tools you need to efficiently manage your downloads and gain valuable insights into your digital content’s performance.

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