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Version 1.1 report outdated
Updated on January 19, 2022
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License GPLv2+

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Easy Digital Downloads Custom Deliverables is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the popular Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin. With EDD Custom Deliverables, users can easily customize and personalize the delivery of digital products to their customers. This plugin is particularly useful for businesses and individuals who sell digital goods, such as ebooks, software, music, or any other type of downloadable content.

Primary Function

The primary function of Easy Digital Downloads Custom Deliverables is to provide users with the ability to create custom delivery options for their digital products. By default, Easy Digital Downloads allows users to deliver digital products via email or through a download link. However, with the Custom Deliverables extension, users can go beyond these standard delivery methods and create unique and personalized delivery options.


1. Custom Delivery Options

One of the standout features of Easy Digital Downloads Custom Deliverables is the ability to create custom delivery options for each product. Users can define specific delivery methods, such as physical media (CDs, DVDs), USB drives, or even custom packaging options. This allows businesses to offer a more personalized and unique delivery experience to their customers.

2. Delivery Instructions

With this plugin, users can also include specific delivery instructions for each product. This is particularly useful for products that require special handling or additional information from the customer. For example, if a product requires the customer to provide specific details for customization, the delivery instructions can prompt the customer to provide those details during the checkout process.

3. Delivery Timeframes

EDD Custom Deliverables also allows users to set specific delivery timeframes for their products. This feature is especially helpful for businesses that offer time-sensitive digital products or services. Users can define delivery windows, such as “within 24 hours” or “within 3 business days,” ensuring that customers are aware of when they can expect to receive their purchased products.

4. Delivery Notifications

Another valuable feature of this plugin is the ability to send delivery notifications to customers. Users can configure automated email notifications to be sent to customers when their products are delivered. These notifications can include customized messages, order details, and download links, providing customers with a seamless and professional delivery experience.

5. Integration with EDD

Easy Digital Downloads Custom Deliverables seamlessly integrates with the core functionality of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. This means that users can easily manage and configure the custom delivery options directly from the EDD settings. The integration ensures a smooth user experience and avoids any conflicts or compatibility issues with other EDD extensions or themes.

Use Cases

1. Personalized Digital Products

For businesses that offer personalized digital products, such as custom artwork or personalized digital certificates, Easy Digital Downloads Custom Deliverables is an excellent choice. Users can create custom delivery options that align with the unique nature of their products, ensuring that customers receive a personalized and memorable delivery experience.

2. Time-Sensitive Products or Services

If your business offers time-sensitive digital products or services, such as online courses with specific start dates or limited-time access to exclusive content, EDD Custom Deliverables can help manage the delivery process effectively. By setting specific delivery timeframes and sending automated delivery notifications, you can ensure that customers receive their products or access at the right time.

3. Physical Media Delivery

For businesses that sell digital products stored on physical media, such as software on CDs or USB drives, this plugin offers a convenient solution. Users can define physical media as a custom delivery option, allowing customers to receive their purchased products in a tangible format. This is particularly useful for customers who prefer physical copies or for products that require offline installation.

4. Additional Delivery Instructions

If your digital products require specific instructions or additional information from customers, EDD Custom Deliverables allows you to include delivery instructions during the checkout process. This is useful for products that require customization, such as personalized ebooks or software with specific setup requirements. By providing clear instructions, you can streamline the delivery process and ensure customer satisfaction.


Easy Digital Downloads Custom Deliverables is an essential WordPress plugin for businesses and individuals who sell digital products and want to offer a personalized and unique delivery experience to their customers. With its custom delivery options, delivery instructions, timeframes, and notifications, this plugin enhances the functionality of Easy Digital Downloads and provides users with the tools they need to deliver their digital products seamlessly. Whether you sell personalized digital products, time-sensitive services, or products on physical media, Easy Digital Downloads Custom Deliverables is a valuable addition to your WordPress website.

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