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Version 1.1.3 report outdated
Updated on November 1, 2021
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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Easy Digital Downloads Slack is a WordPress plugin designed to enhance communication and streamline workflow for users of Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) by integrating it with Slack, a popular team collaboration tool. With this plugin, website owners can receive real-time notifications about their EDD store activities directly in their Slack channels. This allows for efficient monitoring of sales, customer interactions, and other important events, ensuring that users stay up-to-date and can respond promptly to any changes or issues.

Primary Function

The primary function of the Easy Digital Downloads Slack plugin is to facilitate seamless communication between EDD users and their teams by leveraging the power of Slack. By connecting these two platforms, the plugin enables users to receive notifications about various EDD activities, such as new purchases, product updates, customer reviews, and more, directly within their Slack channels. This integration enhances workflow efficiency and collaboration, making it easier for teams to stay informed and take immediate action when needed.


1. Real-Time Notifications

Easy Digital Downloads Slack provides real-time notifications for a wide range of EDD activities. Users can configure the plugin to send notifications to specific Slack channels or individuals whenever a new purchase is made, a product is updated, a refund is processed, or any other event of interest occurs. This feature ensures that users are promptly informed about important actions happening on their EDD store, allowing for quick responses and improved customer service.

2. Customizable Notification Templates

The plugin allows users to customize the appearance and content of their Slack notifications by creating custom templates. This flexibility enables users to tailor the notifications to their specific needs and branding, ensuring that the information is presented in a way that aligns with their team’s preferences.

3. Filtered Notifications

Easy Digital Downloads Slack enables users to filter the notifications they receive based on specific criteria. Users can define rules and conditions to determine which events trigger notifications and which ones do not. For example, users can choose to receive notifications only for sales above a certain threshold or for specific product categories. This feature helps users focus on the most relevant information and avoid being overwhelmed by unnecessary notifications.

4. Multi-Site Support

For users managing multiple EDD-powered websites, Easy Digital Downloads Slack offers multi-site support. This means that notifications can be configured separately for each website, allowing users to receive notifications for specific sites in dedicated Slack channels. This feature is particularly useful for agencies or individuals managing multiple online stores, as it helps keep notifications organized and prevents information overload.

5. Customizable Event Triggers

The plugin provides users with the ability to create custom event triggers, expanding the range of activities that can generate notifications. Users can define their own events based on specific EDD actions or even custom code, enabling them to receive notifications for highly specific events that are relevant to their business processes.

Use Cases

1. EDD Store Owners

For EDD store owners, Easy Digital Downloads Slack offers a valuable tool for staying informed about their online sales. By receiving real-time notifications in Slack, store owners can quickly respond to new purchases, address customer inquiries, and ensure smooth order fulfillment. This plugin is particularly useful for store owners who want to stay up-to-date on their store’s performance without having to constantly monitor their EDD dashboard.

2. Customer Support Teams

Customer support teams can benefit greatly from the Easy Digital Downloads Slack integration. By receiving notifications about customer interactions, such as new support tickets or product reviews, support agents can promptly respond to customer inquiries, provide assistance, and address any issues. This improves customer satisfaction and helps maintain a high level of support efficiency.

3. Development Teams

Easy Digital Downloads Slack can also be valuable for development teams working on EDD-powered websites. By receiving notifications about product updates, bug reports, or other development-related events, developers can stay informed about the status of their projects and collaborate effectively with other team members. This plugin helps streamline communication between developers, designers, and project managers, leading to smoother development processes.

In conclusion, Easy Digital Downloads Slack is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances communication and collaboration for Easy Digital Downloads users. By integrating EDD with Slack, this plugin provides real-time notifications, customizable templates, and filtered notifications, allowing users to stay informed about their EDD store activities and take prompt action. Whether you are an EDD store owner, a customer support team, or a development team, Easy Digital Downloads Slack can greatly improve workflow efficiency and streamline communication within your organization.

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