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Version 1.6.2 report outdated
Updated on October 31, 2021
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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Easy Digital Downloads User History is a WordPress plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) plugin. EDD is a popular e-commerce solution for selling digital products on WordPress websites. While EDD provides a robust set of features for managing digital downloads, it lacks a comprehensive user history tracking system. This is where Easy Digital Downloads User History comes in, offering a powerful solution for keeping track of user activities and interactions within your EDD store.

Primary Function

The primary function of Easy Digital Downloads User History is to provide a detailed record of user activities within an EDD store. It tracks various user actions, such as purchases, downloads, refunds, and more, allowing site owners to monitor and analyze user behavior. This information can be invaluable in understanding customer preferences, improving marketing strategies, and optimizing the overall user experience.


1. Comprehensive User Activity Tracking

Easy Digital Downloads User History records a wide range of user activities, including purchases, downloads, refunds, and even failed payment attempts. This comprehensive tracking allows site owners to have a complete overview of user interactions with their digital products. The plugin captures essential details such as the date and time of each activity, the specific product involved, and the user’s IP address.

2. Detailed User Profiles

The plugin creates detailed user profiles that display a chronological history of each user’s actions. These profiles can be accessed and reviewed by site administrators, providing valuable insights into individual user behaviors. The user profiles also display the user’s contact information, purchase history, and any associated notes.

3. Filtering and Sorting Options

Easy Digital Downloads User History offers powerful filtering and sorting options to help site owners extract meaningful data from the user history records. Users can be filtered based on specific actions, products, dates, or even IP addresses. This flexibility allows for targeted analysis and makes it easier to identify patterns or trends in user behavior.

4. Exporting and Reporting

The plugin provides the ability to export user history data in various formats, such as CSV or Excel. This feature is particularly useful for generating comprehensive reports or integrating the data with other analytics tools. By exporting the user history, site owners can perform in-depth analysis and gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

5. Integration with EDD Extensions

Easy Digital Downloads User History seamlessly integrates with other popular EDD extensions, further enhancing its functionality. For example, it can be integrated with EDD’s Software Licensing extension to track license activations and deactivations. This integration allows site owners to monitor software usage and ensure compliance with licensing terms.

Use Cases

1. Customer Behavior Analysis

Easy Digital Downloads User History is a valuable tool for analyzing customer behavior within an EDD store. By tracking user activities, site owners can identify which products are most popular, which marketing campaigns are effective, and which customers are most engaged. This information can be used to refine marketing strategies, improve product offerings, and increase customer satisfaction.

2. Fraud Detection and Prevention

The plugin’s ability to track failed payment attempts and IP addresses can be instrumental in detecting and preventing fraud within an EDD store. By monitoring suspicious activities, such as multiple failed payment attempts from the same IP address, site owners can take appropriate actions to protect their business and customers.

3. Customer Support and Issue Resolution

Easy Digital Downloads User History simplifies customer support by providing a comprehensive record of user interactions. Site administrators can quickly access a user’s history to understand their previous purchases, downloads, or refund requests. This information enables support teams to provide more efficient and personalized assistance, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

4. Compliance and Licensing Management

For EDD stores that sell software products, Easy Digital Downloads User History, when integrated with the Software Licensing extension, becomes a powerful tool for managing compliance and licensing. Site owners can track license activations and deactivations, ensuring that customers are using the software within the agreed-upon terms. This helps protect intellectual property and maintain a healthy software ecosystem.

5. Performance Optimization

By analyzing user history data, site owners can identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement within their EDD store. For example, if a particular product consistently experiences refund requests, it may indicate a need for product improvement or clearer product descriptions. This data-driven approach to optimization can lead to increased sales and a better overall user experience.


Easy Digital Downloads User History is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. By providing comprehensive user activity tracking, detailed user profiles, filtering options, and integration with EDD extensions, it offers valuable insights into user behavior within an EDD store. Whether it’s analyzing customer behavior, detecting fraud, providing efficient customer support, managing compliance, or optimizing performance, this plugin proves to be an indispensable tool for EDD store owners.

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