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Version 2.3.5 report outdated
Updated on February 13, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Envira Gallery Lightroom Addon is a powerful WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with the popular Envira Gallery plugin, allowing users to import and sync their Adobe Lightroom photo galleries directly into their WordPress websites. This addon provides a streamlined workflow for photographers and creative professionals who use Lightroom as their primary photo editing tool.

Primary Function

The primary function of the Envira Gallery Lightroom Addon is to simplify the process of importing Lightroom photo galleries into WordPress websites. By leveraging the capabilities of Lightroom’s powerful organizational and editing features, photographers can easily manage their image collections and effortlessly showcase them on their WordPress sites using Envira Gallery.


1. Sync Lightroom Collections

With the Envira Gallery Lightroom Addon, users can sync their Lightroom collections directly to their WordPress websites. This means that any changes made to the collections in Lightroom, such as adding or removing images, will automatically be reflected in the corresponding galleries on the WordPress site. This feature eliminates the need for manual updates, saving time and effort for photographers.

2. Retain Lightroom Edits

Another notable feature of the addon is its ability to retain Lightroom edits when importing images into WordPress. This ensures that the photos displayed on the website maintain the same quality and visual appeal as the edited versions in Lightroom. This feature is particularly useful for photographers who invest significant time and effort in post-processing their images.

3. Bulk Import and Sync

Envira Gallery Lightroom Addon allows users to import and sync multiple Lightroom collections at once. This bulk import feature is a time-saver for photographers with extensive galleries, as it eliminates the need to manually import each collection individually. Additionally, any changes made to the collections in Lightroom can be synced in bulk, ensuring that the WordPress galleries are always up to date.

4. Customizable Gallery Layouts

The plugin offers a wide range of customizable gallery layouts, allowing users to create visually stunning displays of their images. With options to adjust the number of columns, image sizes, and thumbnail styles, photographers can easily tailor the gallery to suit their website’s design and aesthetics. This flexibility ensures that the galleries seamlessly integrate with the overall look and feel of the WordPress site.

5. Mobile-Friendly and Responsive

Envira Gallery Lightroom Addon ensures that the galleries created are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. This means that the galleries will adapt to different screen sizes and devices, providing an optimal viewing experience for website visitors using smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. The responsive design ensures that the images are displayed in an appealing and accessible manner, regardless of the device being used.

Use Cases

1. Professional Photography Portfolios

Envira Gallery Lightroom Addon is an excellent choice for professional photographers looking to showcase their work online. By leveraging Lightroom’s editing capabilities and the seamless integration with WordPress, photographers can easily create stunning portfolios that accurately represent their artistic vision. The ability to retain Lightroom edits ensures that the images are displayed as intended, while the customizable gallery layouts enable photographers to present their work in a unique and visually appealing manner.

2. Event Photography Websites

For event photographers, such as wedding or concert photographers, Envira Gallery Lightroom Addon offers a convenient solution for managing and displaying large volumes of images. The bulk import and sync feature allows photographers to quickly update their galleries with the latest images from an event, ensuring that clients and attendees can view and purchase photos in a timely manner. The mobile-friendly design ensures that the galleries can be easily accessed and enjoyed by users on their smartphones or tablets.

3. Photography Blogs and Tutorials

Photography bloggers and educators can also benefit from Envira Gallery Lightroom Addon. By importing Lightroom collections into WordPress, bloggers can seamlessly integrate their edited images into their blog posts or tutorials. The customizable gallery layouts allow for attractive image displays that enhance the overall visual experience for readers. The ability to sync collections ensures that any updates or additions made in Lightroom are automatically reflected on the blog, keeping the content fresh and engaging.

In conclusion, Envira Gallery Lightroom Addon is a powerful WordPress plugin that simplifies the process of importing Lightroom photo galleries into WordPress websites. With its seamless integration, extensive feature set, and customizable options, this addon is an excellent choice for photographers and creative professionals looking to showcase their work online. Whether it’s creating professional portfolios, managing event photography galleries, or enhancing photography blogs, Envira Gallery Lightroom Addon provides the tools necessary to create visually stunning and engaging image displays.

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