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Version 2.6 report outdated
Updated on October 3, 2023
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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Important Notes

When prompted use the following licence code to activate the plugin GVO4ZGFF82FAGI8896YRL2AD0PVO1CKS

Field Icons Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of Gravity Forms, one of the most popular form builder plugins available for WordPress. With Field Icons Gravity Forms, users can easily add icons to their form fields, making them more visually appealing and intuitive for users.

Primary Function

The primary function of Field Icons Gravity Forms is to provide a simple and efficient way to add icons to form fields in Gravity Forms. By incorporating icons into form fields, users can improve the user experience and make it easier for visitors to understand the purpose of each field.


1. Icon Library

Field Icons Gravity Forms offers a wide range of icons to choose from, allowing users to select the most appropriate icon for each form field. The plugin includes a built-in library of icons, which covers various categories such as communication, ecommerce, social media, and more. Users can easily browse through the library and choose the icon that best represents the field’s purpose.

2. Custom Icons

In addition to the pre-built icon library, Field Icons Gravity Forms allows users to upload their own custom icons. This feature gives users the flexibility to use icons that are specific to their brand or website. By uploading custom icons, users can maintain consistency in their design and create a unique visual experience for their visitors.

3. Icon Placement

This plugin offers multiple options for icon placement within form fields. Users can choose to display icons before or after the field label, or even within the input field itself. The ability to customize the icon placement provides users with greater control over the visual hierarchy of their forms.

4. Conditional Icons

Field Icons Gravity Forms also supports conditional icons, which means users can display different icons based on specific conditions. For example, if a user selects a particular option from a dropdown field, a corresponding icon can be displayed next to the field. This feature allows users to provide visual cues and make the form more interactive and engaging.

5. Icon Styling

To ensure seamless integration with the overall design of the website, Field Icons Gravity Forms offers various styling options for icons. Users can easily customize the size, color, and alignment of the icons to match their website’s branding and design aesthetics. This level of customization helps create a cohesive and visually appealing form.

Use Cases

1. Contact Forms

Field Icons Gravity Forms can be particularly useful in contact forms where users need to provide specific information. For instance, by adding icons to fields such as name, email, phone number, and message, users can make it easier for visitors to identify and fill in the required information. This improves the user experience and reduces form abandonment.

2. Registration Forms

In registration forms, where users are required to provide personal details, Field Icons Gravity Forms can help improve the clarity and usability of the form. By adding icons to fields like name, date of birth, address, and gender, users can make the form more visually appealing and guide visitors through the registration process more effectively.

3. Ecommerce Forms

For ecommerce websites, Field Icons Gravity Forms can enhance the user experience during the checkout process. By adding icons to fields such as shipping address, billing information, credit card details, and order summary, users can visually guide customers through the purchasing process, reducing confusion and increasing conversion rates.

4. Survey Forms

In survey forms, where users need to answer a series of questions, Field Icons Gravity Forms can be used to provide visual cues and improve the overall user experience. By adding icons to fields representing different question types (e.g., multiple choice, text input, rating scales), users can make the survey more engaging and intuitive for respondents.


Field Icons Gravity Forms is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality and aesthetics of Gravity Forms by allowing users to easily add icons to form fields. With its extensive icon library, custom icon upload feature, and various styling options, this plugin provides users with the flexibility to create visually appealing and intuitive forms. Whether it’s a contact form, registration form, ecommerce form, or survey form, Field Icons Gravity Forms can significantly improve the user experience and increase form conversion rates.