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Version 2.07 report outdated
Updated on June 11, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Formidable Forms – MailChimp addon is a powerful WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates Formidable Forms, a popular form builder plugin, with MailChimp, a leading email marketing platform. This addon extends the functionality of Formidable Forms by allowing users to connect their forms directly to their MailChimp account, enabling them to collect subscribers and automate email marketing campaigns effortlessly.

Primary Function

The primary function of the Formidable Forms – MailChimp addon is to facilitate the integration between Formidable Forms and MailChimp. It enables website owners and marketers to easily sync their form submissions with their MailChimp lists, ensuring a smooth flow of data from their WordPress website to their email marketing platform.


1. Seamless Integration

The addon provides a seamless integration between Formidable Forms and MailChimp, eliminating the need for manual data transfer. With just a few clicks, users can connect their forms to their MailChimp account, ensuring that every form submission is automatically added to the designated MailChimp list.

2. Advanced Field Mapping

Formidable Forms – MailChimp addon offers advanced field mapping capabilities, allowing users to map form fields to MailChimp fields. This feature ensures that the data collected through the forms is accurately transferred to the corresponding fields in MailChimp. Users can effortlessly map fields such as name, email address, phone number, and more, ensuring the integrity of their subscriber data.

3. Conditional Logic

The addon provides conditional logic functionality, enabling users to create dynamic email marketing campaigns based on form submissions. This feature allows users to segment their subscribers based on specific criteria, such as their answers to form questions or their selection of certain options. By targeting specific segments, users can personalize their email content and increase engagement and conversion rates.

4. Double Opt-In Support

Formidable Forms – MailChimp addon fully supports MailChimp’s double opt-in feature. This means that when a user submits a form, they receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription before being added to the MailChimp list. This helps to ensure that only genuinely interested subscribers are added to the list, reducing the risk of spam or low-quality leads.

5. Customizable Opt-In Confirmation Emails

The addon allows users to customize the opt-in confirmation email sent to subscribers. This customization includes the ability to add branding, personalized messages, and even additional offers or incentives to encourage subscribers to confirm their subscription. By tailoring the confirmation email, users can enhance their brand image and improve the chances of subscribers completing the opt-in process.

6. Automatic Subscriber Updates

Formidable Forms – MailChimp addon ensures that subscriber information remains up to date by automatically updating MailChimp with any changes made through Formidable Forms. If a subscriber updates their details through a form on the website, such as their email address or phone number, the addon will automatically sync this information with the corresponding subscriber record in MailChimp, maintaining accurate and current subscriber data.

Use Cases

1. Newsletter Subscriptions

For websites that offer newsletters or regular content updates, the Formidable Forms – MailChimp addon is an excellent tool for managing newsletter subscriptions. By integrating Formidable Forms with MailChimp, website owners can collect subscribers’ email addresses and other relevant information directly through their forms. This integration ensures that every subscriber is automatically added to the designated MailChimp list, making it easy to send out newsletters and updates to a targeted audience.

2. Lead Generation

The addon is particularly useful for lead generation purposes. By creating lead generation forms with Formidable Forms and connecting them to MailChimp, website owners can capture valuable leads and add them directly to their email marketing lists. The advanced field mapping feature ensures that all lead information, such as name, email address, and any other custom fields, is accurately transferred to MailChimp, allowing for effective lead nurturing and conversion.

3. Event Registrations

For websites that organize events or webinars, the Formidable Forms – MailChimp addon can streamline the registration process. By integrating registration forms with MailChimp, event organizers can automatically add registrants to their email marketing lists. This integration allows for automated event reminders, follow-ups, and updates, ensuring that attendees are well-informed and engaged throughout the event lifecycle.

4. E-commerce Integration

The addon can be utilized for e-commerce integration, enabling website owners to connect their online stores with MailChimp. By integrating purchase forms with MailChimp, store owners can automatically add customers to their email marketing lists and send targeted product recommendations, promotions, and abandoned cart reminders. This integration helps to increase customer engagement, retention, and ultimately, sales.


Formidable Forms – MailChimp addon is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality of Formidable Forms by seamlessly integrating it with MailChimp. With its advanced field mapping, conditional logic, and double opt-in support, the addon provides an efficient solution for collecting subscribers and automating email marketing campaigns. Whether it’s for newsletter subscriptions, lead generation, event registrations, or e-commerce integration, this addon offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline the process and maximize the effectiveness of email marketing efforts.