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Version 2.0.2 report outdated
Updated on April 5, 2023
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License GPLv2+

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GetPaid Simple Quantity Discounts is a WordPress plugin designed to provide an easy and effective way to offer quantity-based discounts on products or services in your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can incentivize customers to purchase more items by offering discounts based on the quantity they buy. This can help increase sales, encourage repeat purchases, and boost customer loyalty.


1. Flexible Discount Settings

GetPaid Simple Quantity Discounts offers a range of flexible discount settings to suit your specific needs. You can set up percentage or fixed amount discounts based on the quantity of items purchased. For example, you can offer a 10% discount when customers buy 5 or more items, or a $5 discount when they purchase 3 or more items. This flexibility allows you to create enticing offers that align with your business goals.

2. Customizable Discount Rules

The plugin enables you to create custom discount rules based on various criteria. You can set rules based on product categories, specific products, or even specific variations of a product. This level of customization ensures that you can target specific products or groups of products with your quantity-based discounts.

3. Tiered Discount Levels

GetPaid Simple Quantity Discounts allows you to create tiered discount levels. This means you can offer different discounts based on different quantity thresholds. For example, you can offer a 5% discount for 3-5 items, a 10% discount for 6-10 items, and a 15% discount for 11 or more items. This tiered approach can motivate customers to buy more items to unlock higher discounts.

4. Display Discount Information

The plugin provides options to display the quantity-based discount information to customers on the product pages or in the cart. This transparency helps customers understand the potential savings they can avail by purchasing more items. By prominently displaying the available discounts, you can further encourage customers to increase their order quantity.

5. Conditional Discounts

GetPaid Simple Quantity Discounts also allows you to set conditional discounts. You can specify additional conditions that must be met for the discount to be applied. For example, you can offer a discount only if the customer has purchased a specific product in the past or if the order total exceeds a certain amount. This feature gives you more control over when and how discounts are applied.

Use Cases

1. Bulk Purchase Discounts

If you run an online store that sells products in bulk quantities, GetPaid Simple Quantity Discounts can be a valuable tool. You can create quantity-based discounts to reward customers who buy larger quantities. This can be particularly useful for businesses that sell items like office supplies, wholesale products, or consumables. By offering discounts, you can incentivize customers to purchase more, leading to increased sales and higher order values.

2. Seasonal Promotions

During holiday seasons or special occasions, businesses often run promotions to attract customers. With GetPaid Simple Quantity Discounts, you can create seasonal promotions based on quantity thresholds. For example, you can offer a discount on a specific product if customers purchase a certain quantity during a limited time period. This can help drive sales during peak seasons and create a sense of urgency among customers.

3. Customer Loyalty Programs

If you have a customer loyalty program in place, you can integrate GetPaid Simple Quantity Discounts to provide additional benefits to your loyal customers. By offering quantity-based discounts exclusively to loyal customers, you can reward their continued support and encourage repeat purchases. This can help strengthen customer loyalty and increase customer retention rates.

4. Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Strategies

GetPaid Simple Quantity Discounts can be used as part of cross-selling and up-selling strategies. For example, you can offer a discount on a complementary product if customers purchase a certain quantity of a primary product. This can encourage customers to explore additional products and increase their overall order value. By strategically bundling products and offering quantity-based discounts, you can boost sales and enhance the customer shopping experience.


GetPaid Simple Quantity Discounts is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables you to offer quantity-based discounts in your WooCommerce store. With its flexible discount settings, customizable rules, and tiered discount levels, you can create enticing offers to motivate customers to purchase more items. Whether you run an online store that sells products in bulk, want to run seasonal promotions, implement customer loyalty programs, or employ cross-sell and up-sell strategies, this plugin can be an invaluable addition to your WordPress toolkit. Start using GetPaid Simple Quantity Discounts today and unlock the potential of quantity-based discounts to drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction.