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Version 2.0.1 report outdated
Updated on January 27, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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The Give Funds and Designations plugin is a powerful tool designed specifically for nonprofit organizations and charities using WordPress. This plugin aims to simplify the process of accepting donations and managing funds by providing a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with your website. With Give Funds and Designations, you can create and manage multiple funds, designate donations to specific purposes, and track the progress of your fundraising campaigns.

Primary Function

The primary function of the Give Funds and Designations plugin is to enable nonprofit organizations to accept donations and allocate them to different funds or purposes. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows organizations to create and manage funds, set fundraising goals, and track the progress of their campaigns. By using this plugin, nonprofits can streamline their donation management process and provide transparency to their donors.


1. Fund Creation and Management

Give Funds and Designations allows you to create and manage multiple funds within your WordPress website. You can easily set up funds for different projects, campaigns, or specific purposes. Each fund can have its own fundraising goal, description, and featured image, making it easy for donors to understand the cause they are contributing to.

2. Donation Designations

One of the standout features of this plugin is the ability to designate donations to specific funds or purposes. When donors make a contribution, they can choose which fund they want their donation to support. This feature empowers donors by allowing them to allocate their contribution to the cause they feel most passionate about. It also helps organizations track the distribution of funds and ensure that donations are used as intended.

3. Progress Tracking

Give Funds and Designations provides comprehensive progress tracking for each fund. You can easily monitor the amount of money raised, the percentage of the fundraising goal achieved, and the number of donors contributing to each fund. This feature enables organizations to track the success of their fundraising campaigns and make informed decisions to optimize their efforts.

4. Customizable Donation Forms

The plugin offers customizable donation forms that can be embedded on any page or post of your WordPress website. You can customize the form fields, add suggested donation amounts, and even enable recurring donations. This flexibility allows you to create a seamless and branded donation experience for your donors, increasing the likelihood of successful contributions.

5. Donor Management

Give Funds and Designations includes a comprehensive donor management system. It allows you to track and manage donor information, including their donation history, contact details, and communication preferences. This feature enables you to build lasting relationships with your donors, send personalized thank-you messages, and keep them informed about the impact of their contributions.

Use Cases

1. Nonprofit Organizations

For nonprofit organizations, Give Funds and Designations is an essential plugin for managing donations effectively. It provides a centralized platform to create and manage funds, designate donations, and track progress. Whether you are running a large-scale fundraising campaign or managing ongoing donations, this plugin offers the necessary tools to streamline your operations.

2. Charitable Campaigns

If you are running a specific charitable campaign or event, Give Funds and Designations can help you organize and track donations for that particular cause. You can create a dedicated fund for the campaign, set a fundraising goal, and monitor the progress in real-time. This plugin ensures transparency and accountability, making it easier for donors to contribute to your cause with confidence.

3. Educational Institutions

Educational institutions, such as schools or universities, often rely on donations to fund scholarships, research projects, or infrastructure development. Give Funds and Designations can be utilized to create funds for specific purposes and allow donors to choose where their contributions will be allocated. This plugin helps educational institutions showcase their initiatives and engage with donors effectively.

4. Community Organizations

Community organizations, such as local charities or foundations, can benefit from Give Funds and Designations by providing a streamlined donation process. By creating funds for different community projects or initiatives, these organizations can encourage donors to support specific causes that resonate with them. The progress tracking feature allows community organizations to showcase the impact of their work and inspire continued support.


Give Funds and Designations is a powerful WordPress plugin that empowers nonprofit organizations and charities to manage their donations effectively. With its intuitive interface, customizable donation forms, and comprehensive tracking features, this plugin simplifies the process of accepting donations and ensures transparency in fund allocation. Whether you are running a large-scale fundraising campaign or managing ongoing donations, Give Funds and Designations is a valuable tool for any organization looking to make a positive impact through their WordPress website.