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Version 2.0.0 report outdated
Updated on March 10, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Give Peer-to-Peer is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to facilitate peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, this plugin allows organizations to leverage the power of their supporters to raise funds for their cause. Whether it’s for a specific project, event, or ongoing fundraising efforts, Give Peer-to-Peer provides a seamless platform for individuals to create their own fundraising pages and rally their networks to contribute.

Primary Function:

The primary function of Give Peer-to-Peer is to enable non-profit organizations to harness the fundraising potential of their supporters by empowering them to create their own personalized fundraising pages. This plugin integrates seamlessly with the popular GiveWP plugin, which serves as the foundation for online donations. By combining the power of peer-to-peer fundraising with the convenience of online donations, Give Peer-to-Peer offers a comprehensive solution for non-profits to maximize their fundraising efforts.


1. User-Friendly Fundraiser Creation:

Give Peer-to-Peer simplifies the process of creating fundraising campaigns by providing an intuitive interface for individuals to set up their own fundraising pages. Users can easily customize their pages with personalized messages, images, and videos to effectively communicate their cause and inspire potential donors.

2. Social Sharing and Referrals:

To expand the reach of fundraising campaigns, Give Peer-to-Peer incorporates social sharing functionality. Fundraisers can effortlessly share their pages on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to engage their networks and encourage donations. Additionally, the plugin offers referral tracking, enabling fundraisers to incentivize their supporters to refer others to their campaign, thereby increasing their fundraising potential.

3. Donation Tracking and Reporting:

Give Peer-to-Peer provides comprehensive tracking and reporting features to keep fundraisers informed about the progress of their campaigns. Fundraisers can easily monitor the number of donations received, the total amount raised, and the performance of individual donors. This data can be used to identify top fundraisers, evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies, and make informed decisions to optimize future fundraising efforts.

4. Gamification and Milestones:

To enhance donor engagement and motivate fundraisers, Give Peer-to-Peer incorporates gamification elements. Fundraisers can set fundraising milestones and reward donors for reaching specific targets. This feature not only encourages healthy competition among fundraisers but also provides a sense of accomplishment and recognition for both donors and fundraisers.

5. Team Fundraising:

Give Peer-to-Peer recognizes the power of teamwork in fundraising. The plugin allows users to create or join teams, enabling collaborative fundraising efforts. This feature is particularly useful for larger organizations or community-driven campaigns, where multiple individuals can work together towards a common fundraising goal. Team leaders can easily track the progress of their team members and motivate them to achieve success.

Use Cases:

1. Non-Profit Campaigns:

Give Peer-to-Peer is an ideal solution for non-profit organizations looking to diversify their fundraising strategies. By leveraging the networks of their supporters, organizations can reach a wider audience and tap into new donor pools. This plugin is particularly useful for fundraising events, capital campaigns, or ongoing fundraising efforts where individual supporters can create their own personalized fundraising pages to champion the cause.

2. Community-Driven Fundraising:

For community-driven initiatives or grassroots movements, Give Peer-to-Peer provides a platform for individuals to rally their local networks and raise funds for a specific cause. Whether it’s a neighborhood project, a local charity, or a disaster relief campaign, this plugin allows community members to actively participate in fundraising efforts and make a meaningful impact.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs:

Many corporations engage in corporate social responsibility programs and encourage their employees to support charitable causes. Give Peer-to-Peer can be utilized by companies to facilitate employee-led fundraising campaigns. Employees can create their own fundraising pages, and the company can even match employee donations to further incentivize participation. This plugin fosters a sense of community within the workplace and strengthens the company’s commitment to social causes.

In conclusion, Give Peer-to-Peer is a versatile WordPress plugin that empowers non-profit organizations and individuals to leverage the power of peer-to-peer fundraising. With its user-friendly interface, social sharing capabilities, comprehensive tracking features, gamification elements, and team fundraising functionality, this plugin provides a robust platform for organizations to expand their fundraising efforts and engage their supporters in a meaningful way. Whether it’s for non-profit campaigns, community-driven initiatives, or corporate social responsibility programs, Give Peer-to-Peer offers a powerful tool to drive fundraising success.

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