GiveWP Per Form Gateways AddOn

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Version 2.0.0 report outdated
Updated on February 13, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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The GiveWP Per Form Gateways AddOn is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the GiveWP donation plugin by allowing users to restrict specific payment gateways on a per-form basis. This add-on provides a flexible solution for nonprofits, charities, and other organizations that rely on online donations by giving them granular control over the payment options available to their donors.

Primary Function

The primary function of the GiveWP Per Form Gateways AddOn is to enable website administrators to customize the payment gateways available for each donation form created with GiveWP. By default, GiveWP allows users to accept donations through multiple payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and However, there may be situations where certain forms or campaigns require specific payment methods or exclude others. This add-on allows administrators to tailor the payment options to meet their specific needs.


1. Per-Form Gateway Restriction

The Per Form Gateways AddOn provides a simple and intuitive interface within the GiveWP settings, allowing administrators to easily manage the available payment gateways for each donation form. By selecting or deselecting the desired gateways, administrators can control which payment options are available to donors on a per-form basis. This level of customization ensures a seamless donation experience for donors while maintaining the flexibility to meet the organization’s requirements.

2. Flexible Configuration Options

This add-on offers a range of configuration options to further refine the payment gateway settings. Administrators can choose to enable or disable specific gateways, set default gateways for new forms, and even override the global gateway settings for individual forms. These options provide complete control over the donation process, allowing organizations to align their payment options with their specific fundraising strategies.

3. Customizable Error Messages

The Per Form Gateways AddOn allows administrators to create custom error messages that are displayed to donors when they attempt to use a restricted payment gateway on a specific form. This feature ensures that donors are informed about the available payment options and encourages them to choose an alternative gateway. Custom error messages can be tailored to match the organization’s branding and provide clear instructions to donors, reducing confusion and increasing the likelihood of successful donations.

4. Compatibility with Other GiveWP Add-Ons

The Per Form Gateways AddOn seamlessly integrates with other add-ons available for GiveWP, expanding its functionality and compatibility. This integration enables organizations to leverage additional features, such as recurring donations, donor management, and reporting, while still maintaining the ability to restrict payment gateways on a per-form basis. The compatibility with other GiveWP add-ons ensures that organizations can fully utilize the power of GiveWP while maintaining the desired level of control over payment options.

Use Cases

1. Campaign-Specific Payment Gateways

Nonprofits often run specific campaigns or events that require a different set of payment gateways. For example, an organization might partner with a local payment processor for a specific fundraising event. In such cases, the Per Form Gateways AddOn allows administrators to create a dedicated donation form for that event and restrict the payment gateways to only those supported by the local processor. This ensures a smooth donation process and avoids any confusion for donors.

2. Restricted Payment Options for International Donors

Some organizations may face limitations or high transaction fees when accepting donations from specific countries. With the Per Form Gateways AddOn, administrators can create separate donation forms for international donors and restrict the payment gateways to those that offer the most cost-effective or convenient options for those regions. This approach allows organizations to optimize their donation process for international donors while providing a seamless experience for local donors.

3. Exclusive Membership Programs

Organizations that offer exclusive membership programs or benefits may want to restrict certain payment gateways to members only. By using the Per Form Gateways AddOn, administrators can create a dedicated membership donation form and restrict payment gateways to those available exclusively to members. This approach ensures that only eligible individuals can access certain payment options, providing a sense of exclusivity and enhancing the overall membership experience.

4. A/B Testing Payment Gateways

For organizations looking to optimize their donation process, A/B testing different payment gateways can provide valuable insights. The Per Form Gateways AddOn allows administrators to create multiple versions of the same donation form, each with different payment gateways enabled. By tracking and comparing conversion rates, organizations can determine which payment gateways are most effective for their specific audience and adjust their strategies accordingly.


The GiveWP Per Form Gateways AddOn is an essential tool for organizations that require granular control over their donation process. By allowing administrators to restrict payment gateways on a per-form basis, this plugin ensures a seamless and tailored experience for donors, while providing the flexibility to meet the specific needs of each campaign or event. With its range of features and compatibility with other GiveWP add-ons, the Per Form Gateways AddOn empowers organizations to optimize their donation process and achieve their fundraising goals effectively.