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Version 3.0.7 report outdated
Updated on February 4, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity is a creative WordPress blog theme designed to provide a unique visitor experience. With its stunning design and attention to detail, Gliu aims to make blog owners feel like the theme was created specifically for them. The theme focuses on creativity, offering a range of features and customization options to help creative content shine.

Primary Design Ethos

Gliu is designed to create a “WOW Effect” for visitors, capturing their attention from the moment they land on the blog homepage. The theme incorporates small details, animations, hover effects, and an extraordinary approach to enhance the visual impact. The goal is to create a visually stunning and engaging experience for readers.


Gliu offers a variety of features to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a creative WordPress blog:

1. Fantastic Gliu Slider

Gliu boasts a unique slider that showcases blog posts with a great animation. The slider is adorned with different shaped, colored, and sized icons called “sparkles.” These sparkles animate randomly, adding an element of surprise and visual interest. Additionally, Gliu allows the use of GIFs in the slider, making the blog even more visually appealing.

2. Badges (New/Hot/Sponsored)

Gliu allows blog owners to mark their posts with badges to make them stand out. By default, the theme provides “New,” “Hot,” and “Sponsored” badges, but these can be customized to suit individual preferences. This feature helps highlight important or popular posts.

3. Standard Posts

Gliu offers four types of standard posts:

  • Classic (With Featured Image)
  • Hero With Light Title
  • Hero With Dark Title
  • Without Featured Image

These post formats provide flexibility and options for presenting content in various styles, allowing blog owners to choose the most suitable format for their creative pieces.

4. Gallery Posts

Gliu simplifies the process of creating visually appealing gallery posts. Users can easily insert galleries using the “Add Media > Create Gallery” button, and Gliu will display them as a nice slider at the top of the post. This feature is perfect for showcasing photography, artwork, or any visual content.

5. Video Posts

For blog posts that include YouTube or Vimeo videos, Gliu automatically detects the first video in the post and moves it to the top, similar to a featured image. This feature ensures that video content receives proper attention and engages readers right from the start.

6. Social Media Embeds

Gliu integrates with Twitter and Instagram, enhancing the appearance of embedded posts from these platforms. The theme adds decorative stripes to Twitter and Instagram embeds, making them visually appealing. Simply insert the full URL of the Instagram or Twitter post, and Gliu takes care of the rest.

7. Banner Management

Gliu includes a banner management system that allows blog owners to add banners to ten different locations on the homepage, pages, and post pages. This feature enables monetization or promotion by displaying relevant banners in strategic positions.

8. User-Friendly WordPress Customizer

Gliu prioritizes ease of use by utilizing the native WordPress customizer. This allows users to make changes and customize various aspects of the theme with just a few clicks. The customizer provides a seamless and intuitive experience for blog owners, saving them time and effort.

Use Cases

Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity is particularly beneficial for the following scenarios:

1. Creative Blogs

Gliu is specifically designed for creative blogs, making it an ideal choice for artists, designers, photographers, writers, and anyone looking to showcase their creative work. The theme’s visually stunning design and unique features ensure that creative content stands out and leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

2. Portfolio Showcase

With its gallery posts and visually appealing sliders, Gliu is well-suited for creating portfolio showcases. Artists, photographers, and designers can utilize the theme to display their work in an engaging and professional manner, allowing potential clients or employers to easily explore their portfolio.

3. Magazine-Style Blogs

Gliu’s flexible layout options, including multiple header variations and blog homepage layouts, make it suitable for magazine-style blogs. Blog owners can choose from different layouts and customize the theme to create a magazine-like experience for their readers.

4. Personal Blogs with Visual Focus

For individuals who want to share their personal experiences, thoughts, or travel stories through visually captivating content, Gliu provides the perfect platform. The theme’s emphasis on visual elements, such as the Gliu Slider and gallery posts, ensures that personal stories are presented in an engaging and memorable way.

In conclusion, Gliu – Enjoy The Creativity is a powerful WordPress blog theme designed to provide a unique and visually stunning experience for both blog owners and visitors. With its range of features, customization options, and focus on creativity, Gliu is an excellent choice for creative individuals and businesses looking to make a lasting impression with their blog.