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Version 2.7.17 report outdated
Updated on November 10, 2023
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License GPLv2+

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Gravity Forms is one of the most advanced and comprehensive form builder plugins for WordPress. Recognized for its flexibility and robustness, it allows website owners to create a wide range of forms, from simple contact forms to intricate multi-page forms, surveys, and quizzes. Whether you’re a blogger seeking feedback or an e-commerce business wanting to integrate product order forms on your site, Gravity Forms is designed to cater to diverse needs.

Primary Function

At its core, Gravity Forms is dedicated to allowing users to craft and customize forms effortlessly. With a drag-and-drop interface, you don’t need any coding experience to produce professional-grade forms. Once created, these forms can be embedded anywhere on your WordPress site.

Features of Gravity Forms

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder: The intuitive interface allows you to create and design your form in real-time, adding fields as you go.

Advanced Fields: Gravity Forms offers a myriad of field options, including standard text, drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more. There are also advanced fields like file uploads, website URLs, and dates.

Conditional Logic: This functionality lets you display or hide fields based on user selections. This means you can tailor your forms according to user input, allowing for a more personalized experience.

Multi-Page Forms: For more extensive forms, users can break them into multiple pages, improving user experience by not overwhelming them with long forms.

Form Templates: For those seeking quick solutions, Gravity Forms offers a variety of form templates for various needs – from job applications to event registrations.

Spam Protection: To prevent spam entries, Gravity Forms integrates with popular captcha solutions, ensuring your submissions remain legitimate.

Email Notifications: Stay updated with each form submission through automated email notifications. This feature is customizable, so you can define who gets notified and when.

Integrations and Add-Ons: Whether you need to connect to PayPal, Stripe, or any CRM platform, Gravity Forms has a plethora of integrations and add-ons to expand its functionality.

Use Cases and Situations

E-commerce Websites: For businesses selling online, Gravity Forms can be employed to create product order forms, allowing for customization by the buyer, like choosing sizes or adding personal touches.

Event Registrations: Organizers can use the plugin to set up event registration forms, collecting relevant data from attendees, and even integrating payment options for ticketing.

Feedback and Surveys: Bloggers, companies, or educational institutions can gather feedback, conduct surveys, or run quizzes. The conditional logic feature ensures that questions adapt based on previous answers.

Job Applications: Businesses can simplify their hiring process by using Gravity Forms to create detailed job application forms, which can include file uploads for resumes or portfolios.

Membership Sites: If you run a membership-based site, use Gravity Forms for registration, integrating it with payment gateways for subscription charges.


Gravity Forms stands out in the vast sea of WordPress form plugins due to its versatility, reliability, and extensive features. Its adaptability across multiple niches, from blogs to e-commerce, makes it a valuable tool for any WordPress site owner. Whether you’re a novice without coding skills or an advanced developer seeking deeper customizations, Gravity Forms is both user-friendly and developer-friendly, ensuring that creating forms is a seamless experience.

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