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Version 1.1.59 report outdated
Updated on May 17, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Gravity Perks Nested Forms is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to extend the functionality of Gravity Forms, a popular form builder plugin. The primary purpose of Gravity Perks Nested Forms is to enable users to create complex forms that include other forms as nested sub-forms. This functionality allows for the creation of more dynamic and detailed data collection processes, making it ideal for a variety of applications where multi-level data input is required.


Gravity Perks Nested Forms offers a wide range of features that enhance the capabilities of Gravity Forms. These features include:

  • Nested Form Fields: The plugin allows users to embed one form within another, enabling the creation of complex, multi-part forms. This is particularly useful for scenarios where hierarchical data needs to be collected.
  • Seamless Integration: Gravity Perks Nested Forms integrates seamlessly with Gravity Forms, ensuring a smooth user experience and compatibility with other Gravity Forms add-ons.
  • Dynamic Form Entries: Users can dynamically add, edit, and delete nested form entries without leaving the parent form, providing a seamless and efficient data entry process.
  • Conditional Logic: The plugin supports conditional logic, allowing users to show or hide nested forms based on the values of other form fields. This ensures that forms are only as complex as they need to be, improving user experience.
  • Entry Management: Nested form entries are stored as individual entries, making it easy to manage and review data. Users can view nested entries directly from the parent form entry, streamlining data management.
  • Customizable Templates: The plugin provides customizable templates for displaying nested form entries, allowing users to tailor the presentation of their data to their specific needs.
  • Developer-Friendly: Gravity Perks Nested Forms includes a robust API and hooks, making it easy for developers to extend and customize the plugin‚Äôs functionality to meet specific requirements.
  • Multi-Level Nesting: The plugin supports multiple levels of nested forms, enabling users to create deeply nested form structures for complex data collection needs.
  • Responsive Design: Forms created with Gravity Perks Nested Forms are fully responsive, ensuring they work well on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Alternative Plugins: While Gravity Perks Nested Forms is a unique solution, other plugins such as Formidable Forms and WPForms also offer nested form capabilities, though they may not provide the same level of integration and feature set as Gravity Perks Nested Forms.

Use Cases

Gravity Perks Nested Forms is particularly useful in a variety of scenarios where complex data collection is required. Some specific use cases include:

  • Event Registration: Organizers can create a parent form for event registration and use nested forms to collect additional information for each attendee, such as meal preferences, t-shirt sizes, and workshop selections.
  • Job Applications: Employers can use nested forms to gather detailed information from job applicants, including education history, work experience, and references, all within a single, cohesive form.
  • Survey Forms: Researchers can create multi-part surveys with nested forms to collect detailed responses on different topics, ensuring that all relevant data is captured in an organized manner.
  • Product Orders: E-commerce sites can use nested forms to manage product orders, allowing customers to add multiple items with specific customization options for each item, such as size, color, and quantity.
  • Client Onboarding: Service providers can streamline their client onboarding process by using nested forms to gather comprehensive information about new clients, including contact details, project requirements, and billing information.
  • Membership Applications: Organizations can use nested forms to handle membership applications, collecting detailed information on applicants, including personal details, membership type, and payment information.
  • Loan Applications: Financial institutions can use nested forms to manage loan applications, collecting detailed information about applicants, co-applicants, and guarantors, as well as financial details and supporting documents.

Gravity Perks Nested Forms significantly enhances the functionality of Gravity Forms, making it an invaluable tool for any WordPress site that requires complex form structures and detailed data collection. Whether used for event registration, job applications, surveys, product orders, or client onboarding, this plugin provides a flexible and powerful solution for managing multi-level forms and nested data.

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