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Version 2.0.0 report outdated
Updated on January 23, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Groups Plus for LearnDash is designed to enhance the functionality of the popular LearnDash learning management system (LMS). With its extensive set of features, this plugin enables administrators to create and manage user groups, assign group leaders, and control group access to courses and content within LearnDash.

Primary Function

The primary function of Groups Plus for LearnDash is to provide an advanced group management system within the LearnDash LMS. It allows administrators to create and organize user groups, assign group leaders, and define group-specific settings and permissions.


1. Group Creation and Management

Groups Plus for LearnDash simplifies the process of creating and managing user groups within LearnDash. Administrators can easily create new groups, assign group leaders, and add or remove users from specific groups. This feature streamlines the organization and administration of large numbers of learners, making it easier to manage course enrollments and progress tracking.

2. Group Leaders

The plugin introduces the concept of group leaders, allowing administrators to assign specific users as leaders for each group. Group leaders have additional permissions and capabilities, such as the ability to manage group enrollments, track progress, and communicate with group members. This feature empowers group leaders to take an active role in supporting and guiding learners within their respective groups.

3. Group-Specific Course Access

Groups Plus for LearnDash enables administrators to define group-specific access to courses and content. This means that certain courses or lessons can be made available only to specific groups, ensuring that learners are only able to access the content that is relevant to them. This feature is particularly useful for organizations that offer different courses or training programs to different departments or teams.

4. Group Communication and Collaboration

The plugin includes built-in group communication and collaboration features, allowing group members and leaders to interact and share resources within their groups. Users can participate in group discussions, share files, and collaborate on projects, fostering a sense of community and engagement among learners. This feature promotes active learning and knowledge sharing within the group environment.

5. Group Progress Tracking

Groups Plus for LearnDash offers comprehensive progress tracking capabilities at both the individual and group levels. Administrators can monitor and analyze the progress of learners within each group, view completion rates, and generate detailed reports. This feature provides valuable insights into learner performance and allows for targeted interventions and support as needed.

6. Group-Specific Certificates

The plugin allows administrators to create and issue group-specific certificates of completion. This means that learners who successfully complete a course within their group can receive a certificate that is customized with the group’s branding or other relevant information. This feature adds a personal touch and enhances the sense of achievement for learners within their respective groups.

Use Cases

1. Corporate Training Programs

Groups Plus for LearnDash is particularly useful for organizations that offer corporate training programs. It allows administrators to create separate user groups for different departments or teams, ensuring that each group has access to the specific courses and content relevant to their roles. Group leaders can then track and support the progress of their team members, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

2. Educational Institutions

In educational institutions, such as universities or online academies, the plugin can be utilized to create user groups for different courses or classes. This enables educators to manage course enrollments, track student progress, and facilitate communication and collaboration among students within their respective groups. The group-specific access feature ensures that students can only access the content that is part of their enrolled courses.

3. Membership Websites

Membership websites that offer exclusive content or courses to their members can benefit from using Groups Plus for LearnDash. The plugin allows administrators to create different membership levels as user groups, each with its own set of courses and content. This ensures that members only have access to the content that corresponds to their membership level, providing a personalized and tailored learning experience.

4. Professional Associations

Professional associations or industry organizations can utilize the plugin to create user groups for different membership categories or levels. Each group can have its own set of courses, resources, and discussion forums, allowing members to engage with content and peers relevant to their professional interests. The group-specific certificates feature also enables the association to issue certificates that are specific to each membership category.


Groups Plus for LearnDash is a versatile WordPress plugin that enhances the group management capabilities of the LearnDash LMS. With its features for group creation and management, group leaders, group-specific course access, communication and collaboration, progress tracking, and group-specific certificates, the plugin provides a comprehensive solution for organizations and institutions looking to create a more personalized and engaging learning experience for their users. Whether it’s corporate training programs, educational institutions, membership websites, or professional associations, Groups Plus for LearnDash offers the flexibility and functionality needed to effectively manage and support user groups within the LearnDash LMS.