Hunted – A Flowing Editorial Magazine Theme

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Version 8.0.7 report outdated
Updated on February 11, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Hunted – A Flowing Editorial Magazine Theme is a powerful and comprehensive WordPress theme designed specifically for editorial magazine websites. With its neat and bold design, Hunted stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking a visually appealing and compact way to present rich content. The theme caters to a wide range of topics, including stories, daily articles, fashion news, decoration tips, hangout advice, and more.

Design Ethos

Hunted features a clear pattern with a combination of red and dark blue, creating a unique and attractive atmosphere. Unlike pastel-colored themes, Hunted’s bold color scheme grabs visitors’ attention and stimulates their senses. The use of serif fonts in titles and color details in the sidebar adds to the theme’s “collegian” soul, giving it a distinct personality.


Customizable Typography

Hunted offers a wide range of customization options for typography. With access to all Google fonts, you can personalize your site by using three different fonts in various sections such as main titles, content, and small texts. This flexibility allows you to create a truly unique and personalized look for your magazine website.

Widgetized Areas and Slider Styles

The theme provides numerous widgetized areas, allowing you to easily add and arrange various content elements. Additionally, Hunted offers three different slider styles, giving you the freedom to showcase featured content in a visually appealing manner. These features contribute to an engaging and dynamic user experience.

Secondary Menu Location

Hunted includes a dedicated menu location for secondary menu items. This additional location is an effective way to create a viral atmosphere and encourage visitors to explore different sections of your magazine site. By strategically placing important menu items in this secondary menu, you can enhance user engagement and navigation.

“Call to Action” Tools and “Sponsored” Mark

To increase the value of your site, Hunted provides “Call to Action” tools and a “Sponsored” mark that can be added to your posts. These features allow you to create compelling calls to action and clearly indicate sponsored content, helping you monetize your magazine website effectively.

Use Cases

Fashion and Lifestyle Magazines

For fashion and lifestyle magazines, Hunted offers an ideal platform to showcase the latest trends, fashion news, and lifestyle advice. The bold design and customizable typography allow for visually stunning presentations, while the widgetized areas and slider styles enable easy organization and highlighting of featured content.

Editorial and News Websites

Hunted’s flowing and compact design makes it well-suited for editorial and news websites. Whether you’re publishing stories, daily articles, or covering current events, this theme provides a visually appealing and engaging platform for presenting your content. The secondary menu location and “Call to Action” tools further enhance user interaction and encourage readers to explore more.

Home Decor and DIY Blogs

If you run a home decor or DIY blog, Hunted can be an excellent choice to showcase decoration tips, DIY projects, and creative ideas. The bold color scheme and customizable typography add a touch of personality to your content, while the widgetized areas allow you to easily include additional information and resources.

Travel and Lifestyle Guides

For travel and lifestyle guides, Hunted provides a visually captivating platform to share hangout advice, travel recommendations, and lifestyle tips. The clear pattern and attractive atmosphere of the theme create an immersive experience for visitors, while the customizable typography allows you to reflect the unique character of different destinations and lifestyles.

In conclusion, Hunted – A Flowing Editorial Magazine Theme offers a visually striking design, a range of customization options, and features that cater to the needs of editorial magazine websites. Whether you’re running a fashion magazine, an editorial website, a home decor blog, or a travel guide, Hunted provides a versatile and engaging platform to showcase your content and captivate your audience.