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Version 1.0.10 report outdated
Updated on February 1, 2021
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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Kadence Related Content WordPress plugin helps users increase engagement on their website by displaying related content to their readers. This plugin is designed to keep readers on your site for longer periods of time by suggesting other articles or posts that may interest them. Kadence Related Content is a popular plugin that has been downloaded over 100,000 times and has a 4.5-star rating on the WordPress plugin repository.

Primary Function

The primary function of Kadence Related Content is to display related content on your website. This plugin uses an algorithm to analyze the content on your website and suggest other articles or posts that are related to the current page the reader is on. This algorithm takes into account the content of the page, the tags used, and the categories assigned to the post.


Kadence Related Content has several features that make it a popular choice for WordPress users. These features include:

Customizable Display

Kadence Related Content allows users to customize the display of related content. Users can choose to display related content as a list or as a grid. They can also choose the number of related posts to display and the size of the thumbnail images.

Manual Related Content Selection

In addition to the algorithm-based related content selection, Kadence Related Content also allows users to manually select related content. This feature is useful for users who want to showcase specific articles or posts that are related to the current page.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Kadence Related Content is designed to be mobile-friendly. The plugin uses responsive design to ensure that related content is displayed properly on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Easy Integration

Kadence Related Content is easy to integrate with your website. The plugin can be installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin. Once activated, related content will be displayed automatically on your website.

Use Cases

Kadence Related Content is a useful plugin for a variety of situations and use cases. Some examples include:

Increasing Engagement

Kadence Related Content is an excellent tool for increasing engagement on your website. By suggesting related content, readers are more likely to stay on your site for longer periods of time and read more articles. This can help to increase page views and reduce bounce rates.

Promoting Products or Services

If you sell products or services on your website, Kadence Related Content can be used to promote them. By selecting related content that is related to your products or services, you can increase the visibility of your offerings and potentially increase sales.

Showcasing Popular Content

Kadence Related Content can also be used to showcase popular content on your website. By manually selecting related content, you can highlight articles or posts that have received a lot of traffic or engagement.

Improving SEO

Kadence Related Content can also help to improve your website’s SEO. By suggesting related content, you are providing readers with additional resources and information that may be valuable to them. This can help to increase the time readers spend on your site and reduce bounce rates, both of which are factors that can improve your website’s search engine rankings.


Kadence Related Content is a powerful WordPress plugin that can help to increase engagement on your website. With its customizable display, manual related content selection, mobile-friendly design, and easy integration, this plugin is a popular choice for WordPress users. Whether you are looking to increase engagement, promote products or services, showcase popular content, or improve your website’s SEO, Kadence Related Content is a plugin worth considering.

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