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Version 9.5.2 report outdated
Updated on February 18, 2024
Auto Updates No
License GPLv2+

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King is a Viral Magazine WordPress Theme that is designed to amplify your content and make it go viral. This theme is a modern masterpiece, transforming your website into the ideal platform for viral content. It is packed with unique features that allow community users to submit news, videos, images, lists, polls, and trivia quizzes. The King theme promotes interactivity, making your website more engaging and user-friendly.

Design Ethos

The primary design ethos of the King theme is to encourage user interaction and content sharing. It achieves this through its unique features that allow users to submit various types of content, react to posts, and follow other users or categories. The theme also includes user profile pages and a user leaderboard, fostering a sense of community among users.


Responsive and Retina Ready

King theme is 100% responsive, ensuring that your website looks great on all devices. It is also retina ready, providing a crisp and clear display on high-resolution screens.

User Interaction

The theme provides several features to increase user interaction, such as a post-like system, post reactions, and comment reactions. Users can also follow each other, leading to a more engaging user experience.

Front-end Post Editing and Submission

King theme allows users to submit news, videos, images, lists, polls, and trivia quizzes from the front-end. Users can also edit their posts from the front-end, making content management easier.

Translation Ready

The theme is translation ready, allowing you to easily translate your website into any language. This feature makes your website more accessible to a global audience.

User Groups and Badges

You can create user groups and assign badges to users, fostering a sense of community and rewarding user engagement.

Post List and Header Templates

King theme comes with 12 post list templates and 6 header templates, giving you plenty of options to choose the best look for your website.

Live Search and Notifications

The theme includes a live search feature, providing users with instant search results as they type their queries. Users also receive live notifications, keeping them updated on their interactions and activities.

Other Features

King theme includes many other features, such as a night mode, YouTube widget, social login, social share buttons, views counter, and support for NSFW content. It also offers compatibility with SEO plugins and is optimized for Google PageSpeed.

Use Cases

King theme is ideal for websites that aim to generate viral content. It is particularly beneficial for online magazines, news websites, and content sharing platforms. The theme’s user submission feature makes it suitable for community-driven websites. Its translation feature makes it a great choice for websites with a global audience.

Technologies Used

King theme uses Bootstrap and Owlcarousel for responsive design and carousel features. It also uses Tinymce for front-end post editing.

In conclusion, King is a feature-rich WordPress theme that is designed to help your content go viral. It offers numerous features for user interaction, content submission, and customization. Whether you are running an online magazine or a community-driven content sharing platform, King theme can help you create an engaging and user-friendly website.