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Updated on October 8, 2023
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Konstruktion is a modern and feature-rich WordPress theme specifically designed for businesses operating in the construction and architecture industry. With its sleek and professional design, this theme allows construction companies, architects studios, and property development firms to showcase their work and attract the attention of potential clients.

Primary Design Ethos

The primary design ethos of Konstruktion is to provide a user-friendly and visually appealing website solution for construction and architecture businesses. The theme is built with the needs of these industries in mind, focusing on delivering a seamless user experience and highlighting the unique offerings of each business.

Features of Konstruktion WordPress Theme

Full Elementor + Elementor Pro Compatibility

Konstruktion is fully compatible with Elementor, the popular drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. Additionally, it requires Elementor Pro for the demo content importer and theme setup. This compatibility ensures that users have complete control over their website’s design and layout without the need for coding knowledge.

Premium Getty Images Stock Included

The theme package includes $320 worth of premium Getty Images stock for free. All images showcased on the demo website are included in the package and can be used for your own projects without the need for additional licenses. This feature saves both time and money for businesses looking to create visually stunning websites.

Stability and Security

Konstruktion’s theme code extends the functionality of Elementor and Elementor Pro widgets while adding stylish designs and animations. This approach adds a layer of long-term stability and security to the theme. Furthermore, the theme provides options to remove the theme code on a widget-by-widget basis, allowing users to customize their website as needed.

Extensive Setup Guide

To assist users in setting up their website, Konstruktion includes an extensive setup guide. This guide provides step-by-step instructions and tips for configuring the theme and utilizing its features effectively. It ensures that even beginners can navigate the setup process with ease.

Timely Support

Konstruktion offers timely support, with an average response time of 8 hours. This ensures that users can receive assistance and resolve any issues or queries they may have promptly. The support team is dedicated to helping users make the most of the theme’s capabilities.

WordPress Video Tutorials

For beginners, Konstruktion provides 23 HD WordPress video tutorials. These tutorials cover various aspects of WordPress, guiding users through the basics and helping them understand how to utilize the theme effectively. This resource is particularly beneficial for those who are new to WordPress and want to quickly grasp its functionalities.

No More Plugin Clutter

Konstruktion eliminates the need for users to rely on multiple plugins or learn a new theme options panel. By utilizing only WordPress, Elementor, and Elementor Pro, users can achieve all the desired functionalities without cluttering their website with unnecessary plugins. This streamlined approach simplifies website management and ensures a smooth user experience.

Elementor Pro Global Styles Panel

The theme utilizes Elementor Pro’s Global Styles Panel as a theme panel. This integration allows users to have full control over the mobile and tablet versions of their website, as well as customized breakpoints. With this feature, businesses can ensure that their website looks great and functions seamlessly across different devices.

RTL Support

Konstruktion offers RTL (Right-to-Left) support, catering to businesses and users who require websites in languages that are written from right to left. This feature enhances the theme’s accessibility and usability for a wider range of users.

Header, Footer, and Dynamic Content Layouts

Konstruktion’s header and footer sections are built with Elementor Pro, allowing users to customize these crucial elements according to their branding and design preferences. Additionally, the theme offers dynamic content layouts built with Elementor Pro for various sections, including products, blog posts, blog and product archives, 404 pages, maintenance mode pages, coming soon mode pages, and search results. This flexibility enables businesses to create unique and engaging content layouts throughout their website.

Mega Menus, Forms, and Pop-ups

Konstruktion includes built-in support for mega menus, forms, and pop-ups, all powered by Elementor Pro. Mega menus provide advanced navigation options, forms allow seamless integration of contact forms or other interactive elements, and pop-ups enable businesses to engage users with targeted messages or offers. These features enhance the overall functionality and interactivity of the website.

Scenarios and Use Cases

Konstruktion is an ideal WordPress theme for construction companies, architects studios, and property development firms looking to establish a strong online presence. Some scenarios and use cases where this theme would be especially beneficial include:

1. Showcasing Projects: Konstruktion allows businesses to showcase their past projects and highlight their expertise in the construction and architecture industry. The theme’s visually appealing design and customizable content layouts make it easy to create impressive project galleries.

2. Attracting Clients: With its modern and professional design, Konstruktion helps businesses attract potential clients and stand out from competitors. The theme’s integration with Elementor and Elementor Pro enables businesses to create unique and engaging content that effectively communicates their services and capabilities.

3. Streamlined Website Management: By eliminating the need for excessive plugins and introducing a user-friendly setup guide, Konstruktion simplifies website management for beginners and experienced users alike. The theme’s compatibility with Elementor and Elementor Pro ensures a seamless editing experience, allowing businesses to make updates and changes easily.

4. Mobile-Friendly Experience: Konstruktion’s integration with Elementor Pro’s Global Styles Panel ensures that businesses can provide a consistent and optimized experience across different devices. With the increasing use of mobile devices for browsing, this feature is crucial for businesses to reach and engage their target audience effectively.

In conclusion, Konstruktion – Construction and Architecture WordPress theme offers a comprehensive solution for businesses in the construction and architecture industry. With its extensive features, compatibility with Elementor and Elementor Pro, and user-friendly setup, this theme empowers businesses to create visually stunning websites that effectively showcase their work and attract potential clients.