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Version 9.1 report outdated
Updated on October 8, 2023
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License GPLv2+

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Lagar – Winery Wine Shop is a purpose-oriented WordPress theme designed specifically for wineries, winemakers, wine bars, wine stores, vineyards, and other wine-related businesses. With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with the popular Elementor page builder, Lagar is suitable for both beginners with no programming skills and advanced developers.

Key Features of Lagar – Winery Wine Shop

Full Elementor + Elementor Pro Compatibility

Lagar is fully compatible with Elementor and Elementor Pro, providing you with complete control over the design and layout of your website. Elementor Pro is required for the demo content importer and theme setup, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Premium Getty Images Stock Included

When you purchase Lagar, you get $270 worth of premium Getty Images stock for free. All images shown on the demo website are included in the package and can be used for your own projects without the need for additional licenses.

Stable and Secure Theme Code

The theme code of Lagar extends the functionality of Elementor and Elementor Pro widgets, adding stylish styles and animations. This approach enhances the long-term stability and security of your website. Additionally, Lagar provides options to remove the theme code on a widget-by-widget basis, giving you full control over your site’s customization.

Extensive Setup Guide and Timely Support

Lagar includes an extensive setup guide to help you get started quickly and easily. If you encounter any issues or have questions, the theme offers timely support with an average response time of 8 hours. This ensures that you can receive assistance whenever you need it.

WordPress Video Tutorials for Beginners

To assist beginners in using the theme effectively, Lagar provides 23 high-definition WordPress video tutorials. These tutorials cover various topics and guide you through the process of setting up and customizing your website.

No More Plugin Clutter

Lagar eliminates the need for multiple plugins or complicated theme options panels. With just WordPress, Elementor, Elementor Pro, and WooCommerce, you have everything you need to create a stunning website. This streamlined approach simplifies the website-building process and reduces plugin clutter.

Elementor Pro Global Styles Panel

The theme utilizes the Elementor Pro Global Styles Panel, allowing you to have full control over the mobile and tablet versions of your website. This feature ensures a consistent and optimized user experience across different devices.

RTL Support

Lagar provides right-to-left (RTL) support, making it suitable for websites that require languages written in RTL scripts. This feature ensures that your content is displayed correctly and enhances accessibility for a wider audience.

Header and Footer Built with Elementor Pro

Lagar’s header and footer sections are built using Elementor Pro, providing you with complete flexibility in designing these important areas of your website. You can create visually appealing and functional headers and footers without any coding knowledge.

Dynamic Content Layouts

Lagar offers dynamic content layouts built with Elementor Pro. This includes layouts for products, blog posts, blog and product archives, 404 pages, maintenance mode pages, coming soon mode pages, and search results. These pre-designed layouts save you time and effort in creating visually appealing and engaging content.

Mega Menus, Forms, and Pop-ups

Lagar incorporates mega menus, forms, and pop-ups, all built using Elementor Pro. Mega menus provide a user-friendly navigation experience, while forms allow you to collect user data and inquiries easily. Pop-ups can be utilized for various purposes, such as promotions or newsletter sign-ups.

Elementor Pro WooCommerce Builder

Lagar extends the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin with Elementor Pro, allowing you to design your products, product archives, my account page, cart, checkout, and side cart. This seamless integration ensures a cohesive and visually appealing shopping experience for your customers.

Smart Integration with Wishlist, Ajax Search, and Gift Cards

In addition to the WooCommerce integration, Lagar smartly extends the functionality by integrating with Wishlist, Ajax Search, and Gift Cards. These features enhance the shopping experience and provide additional convenience for your customers.

Scenarios and Use Cases

Lagar – Winery Wine Shop is an ideal choice for wineries, winemakers, wine bars, wine stores, and vineyards. Here are some scenarios and use cases where Lagar can be especially beneficial:

1. Winery Websites

Lagar provides wineries with a purpose-oriented design that showcases their products, vineyards, and tasting experiences. The dynamic content layouts, mega menus, and WooCommerce integration make it easy to create an attractive and functional website that promotes their offerings.

2. Wine Bars and Stores

For wine bars and stores, Lagar offers the flexibility to showcase their wine selections, provide information about tasting events, and allow customers to make purchases online. The Elementor Pro builder and WooCommerce integration enable the creation of visually appealing product pages and a seamless shopping experience.

3. Vineyards and Wine Producers

Vineyards and wine producers can benefit from Lagar’s ability to highlight their vineyard locations, wine production processes, and wine club memberships. The dynamic content layouts and Elementor Pro widgets make it easy to present their offerings in an engaging and informative manner.

4. Wine Events and Tours

Lagar can be used to create websites for wine events and tours, allowing organizers to showcase event details, ticket sales, and tour itineraries. The integration with Elementor Pro and WooCommerce enables the creation of visually appealing landing pages and a seamless ticket purchasing process.

5. Wine Blogging and Education

For wine enthusiasts or educators, Lagar provides a platform to share knowledge, tasting notes, and reviews. The blog layouts, dynamic content options, and Elementor Pro widgets make it easy to create informative and visually appealing blog posts that engage readers.


Lagar – Winery Wine Shop is a feature-rich WordPress theme designed specifically for wine-related businesses. With its compatibility with Elementor and Elementor Pro, Lagar offers a user-friendly and customizable experience for both beginners and advanced developers. Whether you are a winery, wine bar, wine store, vineyard, or involved in wine events and education, Lagar provides the necessary tools and features to create a visually appealing and functional website.