LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration

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Updated on March 6, 2024
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The LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration is a powerful WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates two popular platforms, LearnDash and WooCommerce. LearnDash is a leading learning management system (LMS) plugin, while WooCommerce is a widely-used e-commerce plugin. This integration plugin enables users to sell their LearnDash courses through the WooCommerce platform, providing a comprehensive solution for managing and monetizing online courses.

Primary Function

The primary function of the LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration plugin is to bridge the gap between LearnDash and WooCommerce, allowing course creators to sell their online courses directly through their WooCommerce store. By combining the strengths of both plugins, this integration offers a streamlined user experience for course creators and learners alike.


1. Course Product Mapping

The plugin provides a straightforward course product mapping feature, which allows course creators to associate their LearnDash courses with specific WooCommerce products. This mapping ensures that when a user purchases a course product, they are automatically enrolled in the corresponding LearnDash course.

2. Seamless Enrollment

The integration ensures a seamless enrollment process for learners. Once a customer purchases a course through WooCommerce, they are automatically enrolled in the associated LearnDash course. This eliminates the need for manual enrollment, saving time and effort for course creators.

3. Course Pricing Flexibility

With the LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration, course creators have the flexibility to set different pricing options for their courses. They can leverage WooCommerce’s robust pricing and discount features to offer promotional pricing, bulk discounts, or even subscription-based pricing models. This allows course creators to cater to a wide range of learners and monetization strategies.

4. WooCommerce Payment Gateways

The integration plugin leverages WooCommerce’s extensive range of payment gateways, enabling course creators to accept payments from various methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and more. This ensures that learners have multiple options to complete their course purchases, enhancing the overall user experience.

5. Order Management

The LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration plugin provides robust order management capabilities. Course creators can easily view and manage course orders within the WooCommerce dashboard, including order status, customer details, and transaction history. This centralized order management system simplifies the administrative tasks associated with selling online courses.

6. Course Access Control

The integration plugin seamlessly handles course access control. When a learner purchases a course, they are automatically granted access to the course content within LearnDash. Conversely, if a learner requests a refund or cancels their order, the plugin automatically revokes their access to the course, ensuring a smooth and secure learning experience.

Use Cases

1. Online Course Creators

For online course creators who use LearnDash as their primary LMS, the LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration plugin offers a powerful solution to monetize their courses. By leveraging the vast e-commerce capabilities of WooCommerce, course creators can easily set up an online store and sell their courses to a global audience. The plugin empowers course creators to focus on course content creation while seamlessly handling the enrollment and payment processes.

2. Educational Institutions

Educational institutions, such as universities or training centers, can benefit from this integration plugin. By integrating LearnDash with WooCommerce, these institutions can sell their courses to both individual learners and corporate clients. The flexibility of WooCommerce’s pricing options allows institutions to offer customized pricing plans, such as discounted group purchases or subscription-based access for ongoing professional development.

3. Corporate Training Programs

For businesses that provide corporate training programs, the LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration plugin offers a convenient way to sell and manage their courses. By integrating with WooCommerce, businesses can leverage its powerful e-commerce features, such as invoicing, tax calculations, and integration with other business systems. This integration simplifies the process of selling and delivering corporate training programs while providing a seamless user experience for employees.

4. Membership Sites

Membership sites that offer exclusive access to premium content can also utilize the LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration plugin. By integrating LearnDash with WooCommerce, membership site owners can sell access to their premium courses or learning materials. The plugin’s advanced pricing options and payment gateways allow for flexible membership plans, such as recurring payments or one-time purchases, enhancing the monetization potential of the membership site.


The LearnDash LMS WooCommerce Integration plugin brings together the best of both worlds, enabling course creators to seamlessly sell their LearnDash courses through the WooCommerce platform. With features like course product mapping, seamless enrollment, flexible course pricing, and robust order management, this integration plugin provides a comprehensive solution for monetizing and managing online courses. Whether you are an individual course creator, educational institution, corporate training provider, or membership site owner, this integration plugin offers a powerful tool to enhance your online course selling capabilities.