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Version 5.0.1 report outdated
Updated on March 19, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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The MainWP Fathom Extension is a powerful tool designed to integrate Fathom Analytics with the MainWP dashboard, enabling WordPress site administrators to manage and monitor the analytics of all their websites from a single interface. Fathom Analytics is known for its privacy-focused approach to website analytics, offering a GDPR-compliant alternative to traditional tracking services. This extension is particularly useful for webmasters and agencies managing multiple WordPress sites, providing a streamlined way to access important website performance data without compromising user privacy.

Primary Functions

The primary function of the MainWP Fathom Extension is to facilitate the integration of Fathom Analytics across multiple WordPress sites managed through the MainWP dashboard. This integration allows users to view and analyze website traffic data directly within MainWP, simplifying the management of website analytics and reducing the need to log into separate analytics accounts for each site.

Key Features

1. Easy Integration with Fathom Analytics

The extension simplifies the process of connecting MainWP-managed websites with Fathom Analytics, making it possible to track site performance and visitor behavior without the need for complex configuration.

2. Centralized Analytics Dashboard

Users can view analytics data from all their WordPress sites in one place, thanks to the centralized dashboard provided by MainWP. This feature is incredibly convenient for managing multiple sites, offering a quick overview of key performance metrics.

3. Privacy-Focused Tracking

By leveraging Fathom Analytics, the extension ensures that website tracking is compliant with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. Fathom Analytics does not use cookies and anonymizes visitor data, making it a privacy-friendly option for website analytics.

4. Customizable Reports

The extension allows for the customization of analytics reports, enabling users to focus on the metrics that matter most to their websites. This flexibility ensures that site administrators can make informed decisions based on relevant data.

5. Real-Time Analytics

MainWP Fathom Extension offers real-time analytics, giving users the ability to see current website activity as it happens. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring live campaigns, product launches, or any other time-sensitive events.

Practical Use Cases

1. Agency Website Management

Agencies managing websites for multiple clients can use the MainWP Fathom Extension to provide comprehensive analytics reports, demonstrating the effectiveness of their work and the health of their clients’ websites.

2. E-commerce Site Monitoring

Owners of multiple e-commerce sites can benefit from centralized analytics to compare performance across their websites, identify best practices, and quickly address any underperforming sites.

3. Content Strategy Optimization

Content creators and bloggers managing multiple sites can use the extension to analyze which content performs best, understand audience behavior, and refine their content strategy accordingly.

4. Privacy-Conscious Organizations

Organizations that prioritize user privacy can use Fathom Analytics through the MainWP Fathom Extension to ensure their website analytics adhere to privacy regulations and ethical standards.

5. Performance Tracking for Network Sites

Businesses with a network of landing pages or promotional sites can utilize the extension to track the performance of each site, making it easier to allocate resources to the most effective channels.


The MainWP Fathom Extension is an invaluable tool for anyone managing multiple WordPress sites, especially those who prioritize privacy in their web analytics. By integrating Fathom Analytics into the MainWP dashboard, the extension not only simplifies the management of website analytics but also ensures compliance with privacy laws. Whether for agencies, e-commerce site owners, content creators, or privacy-conscious organizations, this extension offers a streamlined, efficient, and ethical approach to website analytics management.