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Version 3.0.1 report outdated
Updated on May 3, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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MedicalGuide is a fully dynamic and well-structured WordPress theme designed specifically for health and medical websites. It caters to a wide range of healthcare professionals, including doctors, dentists, hospitals, health clinics, surgeons, gynecologists, and other medical organizations. With its clean and modern design, MedicalGuide offers a professional and visually appealing platform to showcase healthcare services and connect with patients.

Design Ethos:

The primary design ethos of MedicalGuide revolves around creating a pleasant and user-friendly experience for both healthcare professionals and patients. The theme’s nice and clean design ensures that the focus remains on the essential information and services provided by medical practitioners. With a fully responsive layout, MedicalGuide adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices.


1. Appointment Forms:

MedicalGuide offers special features to manage appointment forms, making it easy for patients to schedule appointments with healthcare professionals. This streamlined process enhances the efficiency of medical practices and improves patient satisfaction.

2. Services and Departments:

The theme provides dedicated sections to showcase services and departments, allowing medical professionals to highlight their expertise and specialties. This feature enables visitors to quickly find the information they need and make informed decisions about their healthcare options.

3. Timetables:

MedicalGuide includes a timetable feature that allows healthcare providers to display their availability and schedule. This feature is particularly useful for doctors and dentists who have specific working hours or operate on a rotating schedule.

4. Pricing Tables:

The theme offers responsive pricing tables, making it easy for healthcare providers to present their services and associated costs in a clear and organized manner. This feature helps patients understand the pricing structure and make informed decisions about their healthcare choices.

5. Contact Forms and Google Maps Integration:

MedicalGuide includes customizable contact forms and supports two types of Google Maps integration. This allows healthcare professionals to provide their contact details and location information to patients, making it easier for them to reach out or visit the clinic.

6. Testimonials:

The theme provides a dedicated section for testimonials, allowing healthcare professionals to showcase positive feedback from satisfied patients. This feature helps build trust and credibility, reassuring potential patients about the quality of care they can expect.

7. Blog Variations:

MedicalGuide offers four blog variations, including options with sidebars, full-width layouts, dual-column layouts, and text-based layouts. This versatility allows healthcare professionals to share informative content, news, and updates, further establishing their expertise and engaging with their audience.

Use Cases:

1. Doctor’s Clinic:

MedicalGuide is an ideal choice for individual doctors or small clinics looking to establish a professional online presence. The theme’s appointment forms, services, and department sections enable doctors to effectively communicate their expertise and services to potential patients.

2. Dental Clinic:

Dental clinics can benefit from MedicalGuide’s dedicated features for appointment management, services, and pricing tables. The theme’s clean design and customizable contact forms help dental professionals showcase their services and provide a user-friendly experience to patients.

3. Hospital or Health Clinic:

MedicalGuide’s comprehensive features make it suitable for larger medical organizations such as hospitals or health clinics. The theme’s ability to manage appointment forms, services, departments, and testimonials allows these organizations to effectively promote their services and streamline patient communication.


MedicalGuide – Health and Dental WordPress Theme offers a comprehensive and visually appealing solution for healthcare professionals looking to establish an online presence. With its clean design, extensive features, and customizable options, MedicalGuide provides a user-friendly platform to showcase services, manage appointments, and engage with patients. Whether it’s a small clinic or a large hospital, MedicalGuide caters to the unique needs of healthcare organizations, helping them enhance their online presence and improve patient satisfaction.