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Version 1.0.8 report outdated
Updated on December 18, 2023
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The Modula – Right Click Protection addon is a security enhancement for the Modula WordPress gallery plugin. It focuses on protecting images and videos within Modula galleries from unauthorized use or distribution. This addon disables the right-click functionality on gallery items, preventing users from easily downloading or copying the media content.

Features of Modula – Right Click Protection Addon

Right-Click Disablement

The key feature of this addon is the ability to disable the right-click context menu on images and videos within Modula galleries. This simple yet effective measure significantly reduces the ease of unauthorized copying or saving of media files.

Customizable Alert Messages

When a user attempts to right-click on a gallery item, the addon allows for the display of a customizable alert message. This message can inform users of the protected nature of the content and can be tailored to suit the website’s tone and policy.

Compatibility with Modula Galleries

The Right Click Protection addon integrates seamlessly with the Modula gallery plugin, ensuring that the protection applies across all gallery types and layouts offered by Modula.

User Experience Preservation

While enhancing security, the addon is designed to preserve the overall user experience. It does not interfere with the normal viewing and interaction with the galleries, ensuring that legitimate users can still enjoy the content without hindrance.

Easy Setup and Management

Setting up and managing the Right Click Protection addon is straightforward, requiring minimal technical expertise. This makes it accessible for all users, regardless of their skill level with WordPress or web development.

Use Cases for Modula – Right Click Protection Addon

Photography and Art Portfolios

Photographers and artists can use this addon to protect their work from being copied or used without permission. It adds a layer of security to their online portfolios, safeguarding their intellectual property.

E-commerce Websites

Online stores displaying product images can utilize this feature to prevent competitors or unauthorized sellers from copying their product photos. This is particularly useful for unique or custom-designed products.

Corporate and Business Websites

Businesses that showcase proprietary images or designs can benefit from the Right Click Protection addon to maintain exclusivity and control over their visual content.

Educational and Training Websites

Sites offering educational content or training materials, especially those with original illustrations or diagrams, can use this addon to protect their resources from being reproduced without authorization.


The Modula – Right Click Protection addon is an essential tool for WordPress sites using the Modula gallery plugin, especially for those who prioritize the security of their visual content. By disabling the right-click functionality and offering customizable alert messages, it provides a simple yet effective way to deter unauthorized copying and downloading of images and videos. This addon is ideal for photographers, artists, e-commerce platforms, and any website that features unique and proprietary visual content.

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