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Version 4.7.1 report outdated
Updated on April 27, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Newsletter – Automated Newsletters Addon is a powerful extension for the Newsletter plugin, designed to automate the process of generating and sending newsletters. By harnessing the latest blog content, this addon ensures that your subscribers are always updated with fresh and relevant information. Whether you want to send out newsletters daily, weekly, or monthly, this addon offers a plethora of customization options to cater to your specific needs.


Automated Newsletter Generation

With this addon, newsletters are automatically generated from the latest blog content. You can schedule the creation of newsletters on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, offering a diverse range of intervals to suit your content strategy.

Content Filtering

The addon allows you to filter blog contents by category, post type, and more. This ensures that your subscribers receive content that is most relevant to their interests.

Multiple Channels

Create an infinite number of channels, letting subscribers choose from a variety of information streams. This feature ensures that different subscriber segments receive tailored content.

Dynamic Blocks

Newsletter designs can be enhanced with dynamic blocks that extract content directly from the blog. These blocks are regenerated every time a newsletter is created, ensuring fresh content in each edition. Moreover, you have control over conditions that might block the newsletter delivery, such as the absence of new content.

Advanced Scheduling

Plan your newsletters based on specific days of the week or month. This feature ensures that newsletters are sent out at optimal times, maximizing engagement.

Targeting Options

By default, the channel targets all subscribers. However, you can configure it to target specific lists, allowing for more segmented and personalized content delivery.

Integration with Other Plugins

The addon introduces compatibility with WPML on the default theme, allowing for content extraction in multiple languages. It also supports the newsletter design with the Newsletter composer, enabling a mix of dynamic and static content blocks.

Analytics and Reporting

Monitor the performance of your newsletters with the Analytics Tracking Dashboard. Track views, clicks, and other essential metrics to gauge subscriber engagement.

Use Cases

Content-Rich Blogs

For blogs that publish content frequently, the Automated Newsletters Addon ensures that subscribers receive timely updates, enhancing reader engagement.

Multilingual Websites

Websites that cater to a diverse audience can benefit from the addon’s compatibility with WPML, ensuring that subscribers receive content in their preferred language.

E-Commerce Platforms

Online stores can use the addon to notify subscribers about new products, sales, or updates, driving traffic and boosting sales.

Membership Sites

For websites with private or locked content, the addon’s ability to simulate an administrator login can help in accessing and sharing exclusive content with subscribers.


Newsletter – Automated Newsletters Addon is an indispensable tool for WordPress websites looking to streamline their email marketing efforts. By automating the process of newsletter generation and offering a host of customization options, this addon ensures that your subscribers remain engaged and informed. Whether you run a blog, an e-commerce platform, or a membership site, this addon will elevate your email marketing strategy, ensuring consistent and relevant communication with your audience.