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Version 1.1.1 report outdated
Updated on June 15, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The Newsletter Forminator Addon is an innovative WordPress plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the popular Forminator plugin. Forminator, developed by WPMU DEV, is a versatile tool for creating forms, polls, and quizzes on WordPress sites. The Newsletter Forminator Addon specifically integrates with the Forminator plugin to streamline newsletter subscription processes.

Features and Functionality

Easy Configuration

Setting up the Newsletter Forminator Addon is straightforward. Users can create a new form or modify an existing one, ensuring it includes at least an email field. A checkbox can be added for newsletter subscription consent, although it’s not mandatory. The fields in the Forminator form can be easily mapped to the corresponding fields in the Newsletter plugin, simplifying the data collection process.

Custom Welcome Emails

The addon allows for the creation of custom welcome emails for new subscribers. This feature is particularly useful for personalizing the user experience and can be designed using the composer tool. It also provides access to reports on these welcome emails, offering insights into subscriber engagement.

Versatility of Forminator

Forminator, the base plugin, is known for its generous functionality and integrations, even in its free version. It offers integrations with various services like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Trello, and Slack. Additionally, it supports payment integrations with Stripe and PayPal, front-end post submission forms, surveys, and polls.

Types of Forms

Forminator allows the creation of three types of forms: standard forms, polls, and quizzes. This versatility extends to the Newsletter Forminator Addon, enabling varied use cases for collecting subscriber information.

Integration and Features

The plugin includes a range of integrations and features such as:

  • Multiple email marketing service integrations.
  • In-dashboard form entry/submission management.
  • Conditional logic and custom form email notifications.
  • Anti-spam protection with options like honeypot fields and reCAPTCHA.

Form Behavior and Notifications

Users can configure form behavior, like Ajax form submission, actions post-submission, and spam protection. The plugin also offers the ability to set up different email notifications using conditional logic.

Privacy Settings

Privacy settings are an important aspect, allowing users to decide if they want to store form submissions and for how long. This feature is crucial for compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR.

Use Cases

The Newsletter Forminator Addon is particularly useful in scenarios such as:

  • Businesses looking to grow their email subscriber base through interactive forms.
  • Websites conducting surveys or polls while simultaneously collecting newsletter subscribers.
  • E-commerce sites offering discounts or special offers in exchange for newsletter sign-ups.


The Newsletter Forminator Addon is an impressive tool, enhancing the already robust functionality of Forminator. Its ease of configuration, custom email options, and extensive integrations make it an appealing choice for WordPress users seeking efficient newsletter subscription solutions. While Forminator’s drag-and-drop builder is not a live visual builder, the vast array of features it offers, especially for free, more than compensates for this minor drawback.


In conclusion, the Newsletter Forminator Addon is an exceptional addition to the WordPress toolkit for anyone looking to streamline and optimize their newsletter subscription processes. Its integration with the versatile Forminator plugin, coupled with the range of features and customizations it offers, makes it a valuable asset for WordPress site owners.

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