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Version 1.1.2 report outdated
Updated on January 27, 2021
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The Restrict Content Pro – Restriction Timelock Addon is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality of the Restrict Content Pro plugin. It allows website owners to restrict access to specific content for a predefined period of time. This addon is particularly useful for membership sites, online courses, and other websites that offer premium content on a time-limited basis.

Primary Function:

The primary function of the Restrict Content Pro – Restriction Timelock Addon is to restrict access to content for a specific duration. It enables website owners to set time-based restrictions on their content, ensuring that only authorized users can access it during the designated time period. This feature is especially beneficial for websites that offer time-sensitive content or limited-time promotions.


The Restrict Content Pro – Restriction Timelock Addon offers several key features that enhance the functionality of the base plugin:

  1. Flexible Content Restriction: With this addon, website owners can easily restrict access to any type of content, including posts, pages, custom post types, and even specific sections within a page. This flexibility allows for precise control over which content is time-locked.
  2. Customizable Time Periods: The addon provides customizable time periods, allowing website owners to set the duration of the content restriction according to their specific needs. Users can choose from options such as hours, days, weeks, or months to create time-limited access.
  3. Grace Periods: The addon also offers the option to set grace periods, which allow users to access the content for a certain period after the time restriction has ended. This feature ensures that users have a buffer period to complete their activities or access the content before it becomes completely inaccessible.
  4. Automatic Content Unlocking: Once the specified time period or grace period has ended, the addon automatically unlocks the content, making it accessible to all users. This automated process saves time and effort for website owners, eliminating the need for manual intervention to manage content access.
  5. Integration with Restrict Content Pro: The addon seamlessly integrates with the Restrict Content Pro plugin, which is one of the most popular membership plugins for WordPress. This integration allows website owners to leverage the full potential of both plugins and create a comprehensive membership or content restriction system.
  6. Compatibility: The Restrict Content Pro – Restriction Timelock Addon is designed to work smoothly with other popular WordPress plugins and themes. It ensures compatibility with various page builders, e-commerce plugins, and membership management solutions, allowing website owners to maintain a consistent user experience across their entire website.

Use Cases:

The Restrict Content Pro – Restriction Timelock Addon can be beneficial in various scenarios and use cases:

  1. Membership Sites: For websites that offer premium memberships, this addon can be used to provide limited-time access to exclusive content. Website owners can create time-limited offers or promotions to attract new users and increase membership conversions.
  2. Online Courses: Time-limited content access is particularly useful for online courses. Educators can release course modules or lessons at specific intervals, ensuring that students progress through the material at a controlled pace. This approach helps maintain engagement and encourages students to complete the course within the desired timeframe.
  3. Product Launches: When launching a new product or service, website owners can utilize the Restrict Content Pro – Restriction Timelock Addon to build anticipation and exclusivity. By time-locking certain content, such as product sneak peeks or early access to features, website owners can create a sense of urgency and encourage users to take action before the content becomes freely accessible.
  4. Exclusive Events or Webinars: For websites hosting exclusive events or webinars, the addon can be used to restrict access to registered attendees for a specific duration. This ensures that only authorized participants can access the event materials or webinar recordings, maintaining the exclusivity and value of the content.
  5. Time-sensitive Offers: Websites offering time-limited deals, discounts, or promotions can utilize the addon to restrict access to the offer for a specific period. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages users to take advantage of the offer before it expires, driving conversions and sales.


The Restrict Content Pro – Restriction Timelock Addon is a powerful tool for WordPress websites that require time-limited content access. With its flexible content restriction options, customizable time periods, and seamless integration with the Restrict Content Pro plugin, this addon empowers website owners to create exclusive and time-sensitive content experiences for their users. Whether it’s for membership sites, online courses, product launches, or time-sensitive offers, the Restrict Content Pro – Restriction Timelock Addon provides the necessary functionality to effectively manage content access and enhance user engagement.

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