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Version 1.0 report outdated
Updated on October 8, 2023
Auto Updates No
License GPLv2+

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Roundex is a modern and fully responsive WordPress theme designed specifically for creative professionals in various fields. With its sleek and contemporary design, this theme is perfect for photographers, artists, and designers who want to showcase their work in a visually stunning manner. Roundex offers a range of powerful features and compatibility with popular plugins, making it an ideal choice for building dynamic and engaging websites.

Design Ethos

Roundex embraces a circular design ethos, which sets it apart from traditional portfolio themes. The circular elements and layouts create a unique and visually captivating experience for visitors. This theme’s modern and clean design ensures that your work takes center stage, allowing you to highlight your creative projects in an elegant and professional manner.

Feature Highlights

1. Fully Responsive Design

Roundex is built with a fully responsive design, ensuring that your website will look great and function flawlessly on any device or screen size. Whether visitors are viewing your portfolio on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they will have a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.

2. Fullscreen Background Video and Imagery

One of the standout features of Roundex is its support for fullscreen background videos and imagery. This allows you to create immersive and captivating visual experiences for your visitors. Whether you want to showcase a stunning video reel or a series of high-resolution images, Roundex provides the perfect platform to do so.

3. Elementor Website Builder Compatibility

Roundex seamlessly integrates with Elementor, a popular drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. This powerful plugin empowers you to create beautiful and dynamic pages using a visual editor. With Elementor, you can easily customize every aspect of your website, including layouts, colors, fonts, and more, without any coding knowledge.

4. Redux Option Framework

The theme utilizes the Redux Option Framework, giving you extensive control over the appearance and functionality of your website. With its intuitive interface, you can easily customize various theme options, such as colors, typography, header styles, and more, to create a unique and personalized website that aligns with your brand identity.

5. Contact Form 7 Integration

Roundex seamlessly integrates with Contact Form 7, a popular WordPress plugin for creating and managing contact forms. With this integration, you can easily add and customize contact forms on your website, allowing visitors to get in touch with you and inquire about your services or projects.

6. Unlimited Google Fonts

With Roundex, you have access to an extensive library of Google Fonts, giving you unlimited options to choose from when it comes to typography. You can easily select and apply different fonts to various sections of your website, ensuring that your content is visually appealing and aligns with your overall design aesthetic.

7. Retina Ready

Roundex is designed to be retina ready, meaning that your images and graphics will appear sharp and crisp on high-resolution screens. This ensures that your portfolio looks stunning and professional, regardless of the device or screen resolution it is viewed on.

8. Multi-Browser Support

Roundex is compatible with all major web browsers, ensuring that your website will be accessible and functional for users regardless of their browser preference. This broad compatibility allows you to reach a wider audience and ensures a consistent user experience across different platforms.

9. Easy Setup and One-Click Demo Import

Setting up Roundex is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and one-click demo import feature. With just a few clicks, you can import the demo content and have your website up and running in no time. The theme also comes with detailed documentation, providing step-by-step instructions and guidance to help you make the most of its features.

10. Dedicated Support

Roundex comes with dedicated support from its developers, ensuring that you have assistance whenever you need it. Whether you have questions about the theme’s features or encounter technical issues, the support team is ready to provide prompt and helpful solutions, allowing you to focus on your creative work without any worries.

Use Cases

1. Photographers

Roundex is an excellent choice for photographers who want to showcase their portfolio in a visually stunning and immersive way. The fullscreen background video and imagery feature allows photographers to create impactful and memorable presentations of their work. The theme’s compatibility with Elementor also enables photographers to easily customize their website’s layout and design to match their unique style and branding.

2. Artists

Artists can take advantage of Roundex’s circular design elements to create a visually striking online portfolio. The theme’s flexibility and extensive customization options allow artists to showcase their artwork in an engaging and interactive manner. Whether it’s paintings, illustrations, or sculptures, Roundex provides the perfect platform to showcase the creativity and talent of artists.

3. Designers

Roundex is an ideal choice for designers who want to display their design projects in a modern and visually appealing way. The theme’s compatibility with Elementor allows designers to easily create unique and captivating layouts that showcase their design skills. With Roundex, designers can create a portfolio that not only highlights their work but also reflects their design aesthetic and attention to detail.

4. Creative Professionals

Roundex is suitable for a wide range of creative professionals, including architects, interior designers, fashion designers, and more. The theme’s versatility and customizable features make it a great choice for any creative field. Whether you want to showcase architectural projects, interior design concepts, fashion collections, or any other creative work, Roundex provides the tools and flexibility to create a visually stunning portfolio.

5. Agencies

Roundex is also well-suited for creative agencies that want to showcase their portfolio and attract clients. The theme’s modern design and immersive features allow agencies to present their projects in a visually captivating manner, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients. The compatibility with Elementor and the Redux Option Framework gives agencies the flexibility to customize their website according to their branding and client requirements.

In conclusion, Roundex is a modern and visually captivating WordPress theme designed for creative professionals in various fields. With its circular design ethos, powerful features, and compatibility with popular plugins, Roundex provides a versatile platform to showcase portfolios and creative projects in a visually stunning and engaging manner.