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Version 5.8.2 report outdated
Updated on April 23, 2023
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License GPLv2+

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Sahifa is a highly versatile and feature-rich WordPress theme designed specifically for news, magazine, and blog websites. With its sleek and modern design, Sahifa offers a seamless user experience and provides a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities to help you create and manage your online publication effortlessly.

Design Ethos

The primary design ethos of Sahifa revolves around delivering a clean and visually appealing layout that enhances the readability of your content. The theme offers a variety of customization options, allowing you to personalize your website to match your brand identity and create a unique online presence.

Sahifa’s design is fully responsive, ensuring that your website looks stunning on any device or screen size. The fluid grid system and adaptive images guarantee that your content will be displayed optimally, regardless of the user’s device.


1. Customizable Homepage

Sahifa provides a highly flexible homepage layout with multiple widgetized areas that you can customize to suit your needs. You can choose from various predefined layouts or create your own using the intuitive drag-and-drop homepage builder. This feature allows you to showcase featured articles, latest news, popular categories, and much more, giving your visitors a dynamic and engaging experience.

2. Powerful Theme Options Panel

Sahifa comes with an extensive theme options panel that enables you to customize every aspect of your website. From typography settings to color schemes, header styles, and social media integration, the options panel provides you with complete control over the appearance and functionality of your site. The live preview feature allows you to see the changes in real-time, making the customization process seamless and efficient.

3. Multiple Post Layouts

With Sahifa, you can choose from a wide range of post layouts to present your content in a visually appealing manner. Whether you prefer a traditional blog layout, a grid-based layout, or a magazine-style layout, Sahifa has got you covered. The theme also offers different options for displaying featured images, allowing you to create captivating visuals that complement your articles.

4. Mega Menus

Sahifa includes a powerful mega menu feature that allows you to create stunning and highly functional navigation menus. You can display categories, subcategories, and custom links in a dropdown menu format, making it easier for your visitors to navigate through your website and discover more content. The mega menu feature also supports images and icons, enabling you to add visual cues and enhance the overall user experience.

5. Built-in Review System

Sahifa comes with a built-in review system that enables you to add ratings and reviews to your articles. Whether you want to review products, movies, books, or any other type of content, this feature allows you to engage your audience and provide valuable insights. The review system is fully customizable, allowing you to define rating criteria, enable user reviews, and display ratings in various formats.

6. Social Media Integration

Sahifa seamlessly integrates with popular social media platforms, allowing you to connect with your audience and promote your content effectively. The theme includes social sharing buttons, social media widgets, and the ability to display social media feeds directly on your website. This integration helps you increase your website’s visibility, drive traffic, and encourage social engagement.

Use Cases

Sahifa is an ideal choice for various types of news, magazine, and blog websites. Here are a few scenarios where this theme would be particularly beneficial:

1. Online News Portal

If you run an online news portal, Sahifa provides all the necessary features to deliver timely and engaging news content. The customizable homepage layout allows you to highlight breaking news, feature top stories, and categorize news articles effectively. The built-in review system enables you to provide in-depth analysis and opinions on various topics, enhancing the credibility and value of your news portal.

2. Fashion Magazine

For a fashion magazine, Sahifa offers a range of post layouts and customization options to showcase the latest trends, fashion shows, and style tips. The mega menu feature can be utilized to categorize content based on different fashion genres, making it easier for readers to navigate through different sections. The social media integration allows you to leverage platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to promote fashion inspiration and engage with your audience.

3. Personal Blog

If you are a blogger looking to create a personal brand and share your thoughts and experiences, Sahifa provides a clean and elegant design that puts the focus on your content. The multiple post layouts offer versatility in presenting different types of blog posts, such as articles, photo galleries, and videos. The social media integration enables you to connect with your readers and grow your blog’s following across various platforms.

4. Tech Review Website

For a tech review website, Sahifa’s built-in review system is a valuable tool to provide detailed and informative reviews of the latest gadgets, software, and tech products. The customizable homepage layout can be used to feature the most recent reviews, highlight top-rated products, and categorize content based on different tech categories. The responsive design ensures that your website looks great on both desktop and mobile devices, catering to tech-savvy audiences on the go.

In conclusion, Sahifa is a versatile and feature-packed WordPress theme that caters to the needs of news, magazine, and blog websites. With its customizable homepage, powerful theme options panel, multiple post layouts, mega menus, built-in review system, and social media integration, Sahifa provides all the necessary tools to create a visually stunning and engaging online publication. Whether you run an online news portal, fashion magazine, personal blog, or tech review website, Sahifa offers the flexibility and functionality to bring your vision to life.