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Version 1.1.8 report outdated
Updated on October 8, 2023
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License GPLv2+

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The Salvation – Church & Religion WP Theme is a comprehensive solution for creating a church website with all the essential functionality and a highly flexible design. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of religious institutions and local churches. With its custom sermons functionality, donations plugin, and events calendar integration, this theme provides everything necessary to build a professional and engaging church website.

Design Ethos

The primary design ethos of the Salvation theme is to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website for churches and religious organizations. The theme offers a clean and modern design that is fully responsive, ensuring that the website looks perfect on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. The use of valid CSS3 and HTML5 code ensures optimized structure and search engine visibility, helping the website to be successfully crawled and indexed.


Custom Sermons Functionality

The Salvation theme includes a custom sermons post type with the option to add audio and video. This feature allows churches to easily upload and share their sermons with their congregation. The sermons can be organized and categorized for easy navigation and searchability.

Donations Plugin

The theme comes with a custom cmsmasters Donations plugin, which makes it easy for churches to collect charity funds and run multiple fundraisers simultaneously. This plugin provides a seamless integration with the website, allowing visitors to make donations directly through the website.

Events Calendar Integration

Salvation theme has built-in integration with the Events Calendar plugin, making it convenient for churches to advertise and manage their special church and religious events. The theme includes all the necessary styles and integration for the Events Calendar, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing event management system.

Custom Admin Panel

The theme provides a custom admin panel that extends the functionality of the WordPress admin. This enhanced admin panel offers a wide variety of options and settings, allowing maximum customization flexibility to create a unique and personalized local church website.

Helpful Customer Support

The Salvation theme is backed by a helpful and professional customer support team. The support team is known for their fast response times and effective troubleshooting. They are dedicated to making website maintenance easier for users, ensuring a smooth experience for customers.

Detailed Theme Knowledgebase

The theme documentation includes a detailed knowledgebase, covering all possible questions and providing step-by-step instructions. Even beginners can easily create a great website using the provided documentation, which includes screenshots from both the admin panel and the front-end.

Custom Widgets

Salvation theme offers a large collection of custom widgets that provide advanced options for social networks, such as Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. These widgets enhance the content management possibilities and allow for easy integration of social media platforms.

Slider Plugins

The theme includes two popular slider plugins, Layer Slider and Revolution Slider, which offer supreme functionality and breathtaking effects. These plugins are included with the theme, eliminating the need for separate purchases.

Custom Shortcodes

Salvation theme provides over 99 custom shortcodes that work as building blocks for creating unique and engaging pages. These shortcodes are diverse and easy to manage, offering a wide range of options for customization.

Custom Post Types

The theme includes custom post types for projects and profiles, providing an ultimate combination for websites of any category and purpose. This feature allows for easy organization and management of different types of content.

Google Fonts

Salvation theme offers hundreds of Google fonts, allowing users to customize the appearance of their website completely. These fonts are easy to add and can be used anywhere on the website, providing endless possibilities for typography customization.

Responsive Layout

The theme is built with a responsive layout, ensuring that the website adapts to different screen widths and devices. Whether viewed on large desktop screens or mobile phones and tablets, the content will appear perfectly, providing an optimal user experience.

Retina Ready

Salvation theme is optimized for retina displays, meeting the special demands of high-resolution screens. The theme ensures premium presentation quality for all website elements, providing a visually stunning experience for users.

Custom Page Backgrounds

Users can set custom backgrounds for individual pages and posts, as well as define a general background for the entire website. The theme allows users to choose color or image backgrounds and provides options for repeat type and positioning.

Unlimited Menu Colors

The theme offers unlimited color possibilities for the main navigation and other website elements. This feature allows users to adapt the website appearance to match their company’s style or branding. Each menu element can be customized with any desired color.

Use Cases

The Salvation – Church & Religion WP Theme is ideal for various scenarios and use cases within the church and religious community:

Church Websites

The theme provides a comprehensive solution for creating church websites. It offers all the necessary features, such as sermons functionality, donations plugin, and events calendar integration, to effectively communicate with the congregation, share religious teachings, and promote church events.

Charity Fundraising

The custom donations plugin makes it easy to collect charity funds and run fundraisers. Churches and religious organizations can use the theme to create campaigns and collect donations directly through their website, simplifying the fundraising process.

Event Promotion

The Events Calendar integration allows churches to advertise and manage their special events. Whether it’s a religious conference, community gathering, or fundraising event, the theme provides the necessary tools to effectively promote and manage the events.

Religious Institutions

Religious institutions, such as monasteries, temples, and mosques, can utilize the Salvation theme to create informative websites that share religious teachings, provide information about services and events, and engage with their community.

Non-Profit Organizations

The theme’s donations plugin and fundraising capabilities make it suitable for non-profit organizations with a religious focus. These organizations can utilize the theme to raise funds, promote their cause, and engage with their supporters.

Community Outreach

Churches and religious organizations often engage in community outreach programs. The Salvation theme can be used to create websites that highlight these initiatives, provide information about community services, and encourage community involvement.

In summary, the Salvation – Church & Religion WP Theme offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for creating professional church websites. With its custom sermons functionality, donations plugin, and events calendar integration, the theme provides all the necessary tools to effectively communicate with the congregation, collect donations, and promote church events. Whether it’s for a church, religious institution, or non-profit organization, the Salvation theme is a powerful tool for engaging with the community and sharing religious teachings.