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Version 1.0.16 report outdated
Updated on October 8, 2023
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License GPLv2+

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Skola is a powerful and versatile WordPress theme designed specifically for online education, learning management systems, and e-learning schools. Developed by the creators of other popular themes like Jobhunt and Bookworm, Skola is built for the LearnPress plugin, which is the most widely used learning management system plugin for WordPress.


Skola is the perfect solution for educational institutions of all types, including LMS learning management systems, online courses, remote schooling, digital academies, training hubs, college and university education, and multi-device e-learning platforms. With its clean lines, soft colors, and fluid user experience, Skola creates a modern and attractive online learning experience that students will love.


Skola offers a wide range of features to help you create and manage online courses and educational content effectively:

  • Built for LearnPress: Skola is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the LearnPress plugin, offering comprehensive course management features such as curriculum organization, quizzes, and more.
  • Built with Elementor: Skola utilizes the popular Elementor page builder to create highly customizable home pages and static pages. The theme includes the Skola Elementor plugin, which extends Elementor’s core features with 25 additional modules and widgets.
  • 15 Unique Home Page Layouts: Skola provides 15 pre-designed home page layouts, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your educational institution’s needs and branding.
  • 6 Course Listing Styles: With 6 different course listing styles, you can showcase your online courses in various attractive formats, making it easy for students to browse and choose their desired courses.
  • 5 Course Single Variations: Skola offers 5 different single course layouts, providing flexibility in presenting course details and information to students.
  • 2 Lesson Page Variations: The theme includes 2 variations for lesson pages, allowing you to present lessons in different formats to enhance the learning experience.
  • Events Compatibility: Skola is compatible with The Events Calendar plugin, enabling you to schedule and promote educational events, webinars, and workshops.
  • WooCommerce Integration: Skola seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell products, course materials, and other educational resources directly from your website.
  • 4 Blog Layouts: The theme offers 4 different blog layouts, enabling you to share educational articles, news, and updates with your audience.
  • 10+ Static Pages: Skola includes a variety of static pages, including About, Contact Us, Terms of Service, Pricing, FAQ, Login, Register, Become an Instructor, Coming Soon, and 404 Error page.

Use Cases

Skola is an ideal choice for various educational institutions and e-learning platforms:

  • LMS Learning Management Systems: Skola provides a comprehensive solution for building and managing learning management systems, allowing you to create and deliver online courses, track student progress, and assess their learning outcomes.
  • Online Courses: Whether you offer professional training, language courses, or skill development programs, Skola’s versatile features and customizable layouts make it easy to create and promote your online courses.
  • Remote Schooling: With the increasing demand for remote education, Skola offers the tools and functionality to create virtual classrooms, deliver live lessons, and engage students in interactive learning experiences.
  • Digital Academies: Skola is well-suited for digital academies and educational platforms that provide specialized courses and certifications in various fields.
  • Training Hubs: Whether you run a corporate training center or a community-based training hub, Skola’s flexible design and course management features can help you deliver effective and engaging training programs.
  • College & University Education: Skola can be customized to match the branding and requirements of colleges and universities, allowing them to offer online courses, manage course materials, and provide a seamless learning experience to their students.
  • Multi-device E-Learning: Skola is optimized for multi-device learning, ensuring that your online courses are accessible and user-friendly across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

With its extensive range of features, customizable layouts, and compatibility with popular plugins like LearnPress and WooCommerce, Skola empowers educational institutions and e-learning platforms to create engaging and effective online learning experiences.