Tevily – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme

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Version 1.1.7 report outdated
Updated on October 8, 2023
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License GPLv2+

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Tevily – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme is a feature-rich and innovative theme designed specifically for the tourism sector. It is an ideal choice for travel agencies, tour operators, booking companies, and other businesses in the travel industry. With its remarkable pages and intuitive search function, Tevily allows you to showcase your tours and destinations in style.

Key Features of Tevily – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme

1. Multiple Home Page Demos

Tevily offers four different home page demos, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your needs. Each demo is designed to capture the essence of your travel business and attract potential customers.

2. Elementor Page Builder Integration

Built on the Elementor Free plugin, Tevily allows you to create and customize any page of your website with ease. From the homepage to individual tour and blog pages, you have full control over the layout and design. The theme includes 30+ new elements specifically created for seamless integration with Elementor.

3. One-Click Demo Import

With just one click, you can import any of the demo pages to kickstart your website development process. This feature saves you time and effort by automatically importing the necessary content and settings.

4. Travel & Tour Booking Functionality

Tevily comes with a powerful booking engine called BA Book Everything. This plugin allows you to manage and create various types of bookings, such as tours, hotels, hostels, apartments, cars, and events. The theme utilizes this plugin to provide a seamless tour booking experience for your customers.

5. Frontend Dashboard and Submission

The theme includes a frontend dashboard page where users can manage their bookings and submissions. This feature enhances the user experience by providing a convenient interface for customers to view and manage their tour bookings.

6. Calendar & Tour Price

Tevily offers a calendar feature that allows you to set availability for your tours. You can schedule items availability for a specific number of days, ensuring accurate booking management. Additionally, the theme provides options to display tour prices, enabling customers to make informed decisions.

7. Gallery Tour and Comment/Rating System

To showcase your tours visually, Tevily includes a gallery tour feature. You can display high-quality images and videos to entice potential customers. Moreover, the theme incorporates a comment and rating system, allowing customers to share their experiences and provide feedback on tours.

8. Travel Destination Page Design

Tevily offers a dedicated page design for travel destinations. This feature enables you to highlight specific locations, providing detailed information, images, and maps. The integration of Google Maps API allows you to display the address map for each destination.

9. WooCommerce Integration

If you wish to sell products or services on your travel website, Tevily has seamless integration with WooCommerce. You can set up an online shop and manage your products effortlessly.

10. WPML Support

Tevily is fully compatible with the WPML plugin, allowing you to create multilingual websites. This feature enables you to reach a wider audience by translating your content into different languages.

Use Cases for Tevily – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme

1. Travel Agencies

Tevily is an excellent choice for travel agencies looking to create a professional and visually appealing online presence. The theme’s comprehensive booking system, stunning tour showcases, and destination pages enable travel agencies to showcase their offerings effectively.

2. Tour Operators

Tour operators specializing in various types of tours, such as day tours, tour packages, hiking and camping, city tours, and cruise packages, can benefit from Tevily. The theme’s flexible customization options, calendar and pricing features, and user-friendly frontend dashboard enhance the tour booking experience for customers.

3. Booking Companies

Booking companies that provide a wide range of services, including tours, hotels, apartments, cars, and events, can leverage Tevily’s powerful booking engine. The theme’s integration with the BA Book Everything plugin allows booking companies to manage multiple booking types seamlessly.

4. Travel Bloggers

For travel bloggers who want to showcase their travel experiences and monetize their content, Tevily offers a visually stunning and user-friendly platform. The theme’s blog layout options, comment and rating system, and integration with Elementor Page Builder allow bloggers to create engaging and immersive travel blogs.

5. Travel Destination Websites

Tevily’s dedicated travel destination page design makes it an ideal choice for websites focusing on specific travel locations. Whether it’s promoting a city, a region, or a country, the theme’s destination pages, combined with Google Maps integration, provide a comprehensive and visually appealing representation of the location.

In conclusion, Tevily – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress Theme is a versatile and powerful theme designed for the tourism sector. With its extensive features, seamless integration with popular plugins, and flexible customization options, Tevily empowers travel agencies, tour operators, booking companies, travel bloggers, and destination websites to create stunning and functional websites that cater to their specific needs.