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Version 3.28 report outdated
Updated on March 22, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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Important Notes

Thrive Theme Builder, is not a plugin, Please install it as a theme. Once you install it go Thrive dashboard > Theme Options > Click “Download and Activate theme > Import from the zip file > and upload the Shapeshift or Omni template.

Thrive Theme Builder is not just another WordPress theme, but a visual theme builder that allows website owners, designers, and developers to craft a unique WordPress theme without any coding. Originated by Thrive Themes, known for producing conversion-focused plugins and themes for WordPress, the Thrive Theme Builder is designed to give users an unparalleled level of control over their website’s design and structure.

Primary Function

The primary objective of the Thrive Theme Builder is to simplify the process of designing a website. Instead of having to delve into complicated code or being confined to the limitations of pre-made themes, users can visually edit and customize every aspect of their website from the header down to the footer. The changes are made in real-time, allowing for an intuitive design experience.

Key Features of Thrive Theme Builder

Visual Drag-and-Drop Editing: Perhaps the most significant selling point, the drag-and-drop editor allows users to make live edits on their site. Everything, from the layout, colors, typography, and other design elements, can be customized using this interface.

Template Creation: Thrive Theme Builder offers the flexibility to create and save templates for different parts of your site. For instance, if you design a unique blog post template, you can save and use it for all future posts.

Dynamic Content: The theme builder allows users to integrate dynamic sources such as displaying the latest blog posts or featured images. This ensures the website remains fresh and up-to-date without manual updates constantly.

Integration with Other Thrive Tools: If you’re already using other Thrive products like Thrive Leads or Thrive Architect, they seamlessly integrate with the Theme Builder, allowing for cohesive design and functionality.

Responsive Design Control: With an increasing number of users accessing websites from mobile devices, it’s essential to have a responsive design. Thrive Theme Builder offers specific tools to adjust and optimize the site’s appearance for various screen sizes.

Pre-built Design Elements: For those who aren’t design-inclined or are looking for a quick setup, Thrive Theme Builder provides a suite of pre-designed elements and sections. These can be imported and customized further according to the website’s needs.

Use Cases for Thrive Theme Builder

Custom Branding for Businesses: Businesses looking to establish a strong online brand identity would benefit from the Thrive Theme Builder. Instead of settling for generic themes, businesses can design a site that resonates with their branding guidelines, colors, and aesthetics.

Bloggers and Content Creators: Bloggers can use the Thrive Theme Builder to create a unique look for their blogs, differentiating themselves from the competition. With the ability to design specific templates for different content types, bloggers can ensure a cohesive look throughout their site.

E-commerce Sites: Online stores can be designed to emphasize products, deals, and other essential aspects using the Thrive Theme Builder. With dynamic content features, the latest or featured products can be showcased prominently.

Portfolio Websites: Artists, photographers, and freelancers can craft a unique portfolio site showcasing their work. The visual editor can be particularly useful in making each project or piece stand out.

Educational and Course Websites: Institutions or educators offering online courses can use the Thrive Theme Builder to design a site that’s easy to navigate, making it simple for students to access resources, courses, and other content.


Thrive Theme Builder has revolutionized the way WordPress users think about themes. It transcends the constraints of traditional themes, offering a palette of customization that was once reserved for professional web designers or required expensive custom coding. For anyone serious about having a distinct online presence, whether an individual, a business, or an organization, the Thrive Theme Builder presents an invaluable tool in the WordPress ecosystem.

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