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Version 1.2.2 report outdated
Updated on March 4, 2021
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License GPLv2+

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UpStream Customizer Extension is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality of the UpStream project management plugin. Designed specifically for project managers and teams, this extension provides a comprehensive set of customization options to tailor the appearance and functionality of UpStream to meet specific project requirements.

Primary Function

The primary function of the UpStream Customizer Extension is to allow users to customize various aspects of their UpStream project management system. By providing an intuitive interface and an array of customization options, this plugin empowers project managers to create a unique and personalized project management experience for their teams.


1. Custom Project Templates

With the UpStream Customizer Extension, users can create custom project templates to define the structure and layout of their projects. This feature is particularly useful for agencies or businesses that work on similar types of projects regularly. By creating templates, project managers can save time and ensure consistency across their projects.

2. Custom Fields

This extension allows users to add custom fields to their projects, tasks, and milestones. Custom fields enable project managers to capture additional information that is specific to their projects, such as client details, budget estimates, or any other relevant data. This flexibility ensures that the project management system aligns with the unique requirements of each project.

3. Custom Statuses and Labels

UpStream Customizer Extension enables users to define custom statuses and labels for projects, tasks, and milestones. This feature allows project managers to create a workflow that matches their project management process. For example, they can define custom labels like “In Progress,” “On Hold,” or “Completed” to reflect the current status of tasks or projects.

4. Custom Email Notifications

This extension also provides the ability to customize email notifications sent to project stakeholders. Users can modify the content, layout, and design of email templates, ensuring that the notifications align with their brand and project requirements. This feature enhances communication and keeps team members and clients informed about project updates.

5. Advanced Permissions

UpStream Customizer Extension offers advanced permission settings, allowing project managers to control access to various features and functionalities within UpStream. This granular control ensures that team members have the appropriate level of access and can only view or modify the information relevant to their role in the project.

Use Cases

1. Agency Project Management

For digital agencies managing multiple projects simultaneously, UpStream Customizer Extension proves to be an invaluable tool. By creating custom project templates and fields, agencies can streamline their project setup process and ensure consistency across projects. Custom statuses and labels enable them to track the progress of projects effectively, while customized email notifications enhance communication with clients and team members.

2. Freelancer Collaboration

Freelancers often collaborate with clients and other freelancers on various projects. With UpStream Customizer Extension, freelancers can create personalized project management systems tailored to the specific needs of each project. Custom fields allow them to capture project-specific details, while advanced permissions ensure that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized individuals.

3. Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations often have unique project management requirements. UpStream Customizer Extension allows these organizations to configure their project management system to align with their specific workflows. Custom statuses and labels can be used to track project milestones, while customized email notifications help keep stakeholders informed about project progress.

4. Event Planning

Event planning requires meticulous coordination and organization. UpStream Customizer Extension enables event planners to create custom project templates with predefined tasks and milestones. Custom fields can capture event-specific details, such as venue information or guest lists. The ability to customize email notifications ensures that all stakeholders are kept up to date with event-related updates and changes.


UpStream Customizer Extension is a versatile WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality of the UpStream project management plugin. With features like custom project templates, fields, statuses, labels, email notifications, and advanced permissions, this extension allows users to tailor their project management system to their specific needs. Whether it’s agencies, freelancers, non-profit organizations, or event planners, UpStream Customizer Extension provides the flexibility and customization options required to manage projects efficiently and effectively.

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