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Version 3.7 report outdated
Updated on December 3, 2023
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The UserPro Dashboard addon for the UserPro plugin offers a comprehensive solution for WordPress site administrators and users to enhance user profiles and improve user experience. It focuses on providing an easy-to-use interface for controlling profile information and design, while also offering a single-page view of all user profile details.

Primary Functions

Enhanced Profile Control and Design

  • Customizable User Profiles: Allows for the creation of custom profile pages using various widgets.
  • Design Flexibility: Features an easy drag-and-drop design interface, simplifying the process of customizing profile layouts.

Multilingual Support

  • Language Options: Supports multiple languages, including French, German, and Spanish, catering to a diverse user base.

Detailed Breakdown of Features

  1. Ready-to-Use Widgets: Comes with 14 ready-to-use widgets, enabling users to build custom profile pages with various functionalities and information displays.
  2. Drag and Drop Design: Facilitates an easy-to-use interface for designing profiles, making it accessible even for users without technical expertise.
  3. Custom Widget Creation: Administrators can create custom widgets and use shortcodes within them, offering a high degree of customization for user profiles.
  4. Unified Design Layout: Enables administrators to set up a custom design layout that can be uniformly applied to all user profiles, ensuring a consistent look and feel across the site.
  5. Direct Post Management: Users can manage their posts directly from the dashboard, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of content management.
  6. Multilingual Support: The addon’s support for multiple languages enhances accessibility for a global user base, making the site more user-friendly for non-English speakers.

Practical Use Cases

  • Membership Sites: Ideal for membership sites where users benefit from having personalized and easily manageable profiles.
  • Community Portals: Enhances user engagement in community-driven sites by providing members with customizable and multilingual profile options.
  • Content Creation Platforms: Useful for content creators who need to manage their posts and profile information from a single, streamlined dashboard.


The UserPro Dashboard addon significantly enhances the UserPro plugin’s capabilities by offering advanced profile customization, design flexibility, and multilingual support. Its user-friendly design, coupled with powerful customization options, makes it an ideal choice for WordPress sites focused on user engagement and personalized experiences.