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Version 1.2.3 report outdated
Updated on January 28, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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UsersWP Online Users WordPress plugin designed to enhance user management and engagement on websites. This plugin provides website administrators with valuable insights into the online activity of their users, allowing them to monitor and interact with online users in real-time. With UsersWP Online Users, website owners can create a more interactive and engaging user experience, improving user retention and increasing overall website performance.

Primary Function

The primary function of UsersWP Online Users is to display a list of online users on a WordPress website. This feature enables website administrators to see who is currently active on their site, providing valuable information about user behavior and engagement. By displaying online users in real-time, website owners can foster a sense of community and encourage user interaction.


Real-time Online User List

UsersWP Online Users generates a real-time list of online users, displaying their usernames, avatars, and the time they last interacted with the website. This feature allows website administrators to track user activity and identify the most active users on their site. The list is automatically updated as users come and go, providing an accurate representation of online activity.

User Profile Integration

This plugin seamlessly integrates with UsersWP, a popular user profile plugin for WordPress. By combining UsersWP Online Users with UsersWP, website owners can enhance user profiles with additional information such as user bio, social media links, and more. This integration enables administrators to create a comprehensive user directory, making it easier for users to connect and engage with one another.

Customizable User List Layout

UsersWP Online Users offers a variety of customization options for the online user list. Website administrators can choose the number of users to display, customize the layout and design of the list, and even add custom CSS to match the website’s branding. This flexibility ensures that the online user list seamlessly integrates with the overall design of the website.

User Interaction and Messaging

One of the key features of UsersWP Online Users is the ability for website administrators to interact with online users directly. Administrators can send private messages to individual users or initiate group conversations with multiple users. This functionality fosters user engagement and encourages communication between website administrators and users.

User Activity Tracking

UsersWP Online Users tracks user activity and provides administrators with valuable insights. The plugin records the time users spend on the website, the pages they visit, and their overall engagement. This information can be used to identify popular content, optimize website performance, and tailor marketing strategies to target specific user segments.

Use Cases

Community Forums and Social Networks

For websites that host community forums or social networks, UsersWP Online Users is an invaluable tool. By displaying a real-time list of online users, website administrators can create a sense of community and encourage users to interact with one another. The ability to send private messages and initiate group conversations further enhances user engagement, fostering meaningful connections between community members.

E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites can benefit from UsersWP Online Users by providing a more personalized and interactive shopping experience. By displaying a list of online users, potential customers can see that others are actively browsing the website, creating a sense of urgency and social proof. Website administrators can also use the plugin to send personalized messages to users, offering assistance or promotional offers, ultimately increasing conversions and customer satisfaction.

Educational Platforms

Online learning platforms can leverage UsersWP Online Users to enhance student engagement and facilitate communication between instructors and learners. By displaying a list of online users, students can see who else is actively participating in the course, encouraging collaboration and discussion. Instructors can use the messaging feature to provide personalized feedback and support, creating a more interactive and supportive learning environment.

News and Magazine Websites

News and magazine websites can utilize UsersWP Online Users to encourage reader engagement and foster a sense of community. By displaying a list of online users, website administrators can showcase the popularity of their content and encourage readers to participate in discussions. The messaging feature can also be used to gather feedback and suggestions from readers, improving the overall user experience.


UsersWP Online Users WordPress plugin enhances user management and engagement on websites. By providing real-time insights into online user activity, website administrators can create a more interactive and engaging user experience. The ability to send private messages, track user activity, and customize the user list layout further enhances the functionality of this plugin. Whether it’s a community forum, e-commerce website, educational platform, or news site, UsersWP Online Users is a valuable tool for improving user engagement, fostering connections, and enhancing website performance.

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