WooCommerce API Product Sync with Multiple WooCommerce Stores (Shops)

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Version 2.8.3 report outdated
Updated on February 21, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The WooCommerce API Product Sync plugin is a powerful solution designed to synchronize product information across multiple WooCommerce stores. This plugin facilitates the seamless integration of product data between a primary web store and additional WooCommerce sites, ensuring consistent product details, pricing, and stock levels across all platforms. Ideal for businesses operating multiple online stores, this plugin streamlines the process of managing product catalogs in a distributed e-commerce environment.

Primary Functions

Automatic Synchronization

The plugin automates the process of syncing product data whenever a product is added or updated in the source store. It supports both individual product updates and bulk product synchronizations, making it versatile for different use cases.

Sync Type Options

Users can choose between “Auto Sync” for real-time updates or “Manual Sync” for controlled synchronization processes, providing flexibility based on the store’s operational requirements.

Product Sync Types

The plugin offers options to sync “Full Product” details, including all associated data, or to limit synchronization to “Price and Quantity” or just “Quantity,” catering to various business needs.

Old Products Sync

Synchronization of existing products can be configured based on “Slug” or “SKU,” facilitating easy integration and update of product listings across stores.

Supported Product Types

This plugin supports a wide range of product types, including simple, grouped, virtual, external/affiliate, and variable products, ensuring comprehensive coverage of WooCommerce’s product offerings.

Detailed Breakdown of Features

Product Data Synchronization

  • General Data: Includes product name, description, and basic details.
  • Inventory Management: Synchronizes stock levels and inventory status.
  • Shipping Details: Shares shipping dimensions and weight across stores.
  • Linked Products, Attributes, and Variations: Ensures consistency in product variations and related products.
  • Advanced Product Information: Keeps advanced settings aligned across platforms.

Additional Synchronization Features

  • Product Categories and Tags: Automatically updates categories and tags with product synchronization.
  • Product Media: Syncs featured images and product galleries to maintain visual consistency.
  • Exclusion Options: Allows for the exclusion of specific categories, tags, product meta data, and term descriptions from synchronization.

Configuration and Management

  • Disable Auto Sync: Provides the option to disable automatic synchronization for individual product additions or updates.
  • Price Adjustment Options: Offers the ability to adjust product prices for different web stores, either increasing or decreasing them as needed.
  • Stock Sync Option: Automatically updates inventory levels in destination stores based on orders placed in the source store.
  • Sync on Product Delete: Ensures that products deleted from the source store are also removed from destination stores.

Debugging and Error Handling

  • Error Logging: Captures all API errors in a debug.log file for troubleshooting and review, accessible through the WordPress admin interface.
  • Unlimited Store Sync: Users can add an unlimited number of web stores for synchronization, breaking down barriers to scaling e-commerce operations.

Third-Party Plugin Support

The WooCommerce API Product Sync plugin extends its functionality through support for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and ACF PRO. It is compatible with various field types including text, textarea, number, email, password, wysiwyg editor, select, checkbox, radio button, true/false, Google map, date picker, color picker, and message fields. This compatibility ensures that custom product information created through ACF can be seamlessly integrated and synced across multiple WooCommerce stores.

Practical Use Cases

Multi-Store Retailers

Retailers operating multiple online stores targeting different regions or customer segments can ensure that all stores reflect accurate and up-to-date product information, pricing, and availability.

Dropshipping Businesses

Businesses utilizing dropshipping models can manage product listings across various storefronts efficiently, ensuring consistent product offerings and stock levels without manual updates.

Brand Manufacturers

Manufacturers selling directly through multiple brand-specific online stores can maintain a unified catalog across all channels, simplifying product management and enhancing brand consistency.


The WooCommerce API Product Sync plugin is an essential tool for businesses looking to manage multiple WooCommerce stores efficiently. Its wide range of features, from automatic and manual synchronization options to extensive third-party plugin support, makes it a versatile solution for keeping product information consistent across several e-commerce platforms. By automating the synchronization process, businesses can save time, reduce errors, and ensure a cohesive online shopping experience for their customers across all their web stores.