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Version 1.1.2 report outdated
Updated on June 17, 2024
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License GPLv2+

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The WooCommerce Discount Manager plugin stands as an indispensable tool for e-commerce store owners leveraging WooCommerce. This robust plugin empowers you to craft and oversee a diverse array of discount and pricing strategies. Its suite of comprehensive functionalities enables the execution of dynamic pricing schemes, volume discounts, sitewide promotions, and role-specific pricing adjustments. Dive into the core offerings of the WooCommerce Discount Manager to discover how it can revolutionize your store’s pricing strategy.

Key Features

Versatile Discount Rules Creation

With the WooCommerce Discount Manager, store owners gain the flexibility to:

  • Design and manage intricate discount rules.
  • Implement volume and quantity discounts effortlessly.
  • Offer complimentary or gift items based on predefined criteria.
  • Apply pricing strategies such as “Buy X items for $Y.”
  • Initiate sitewide promotions, along with discounts for select products and categories.
  • Schedule promotions with precise start and end dates.
  • Establish pricing adjustments based on user roles or specific customers.

Comprehensive Discount Types

This plugin supports eight distinct types of discounts, including percentage-based reductions, fixed price discounts, dynamic pricing in response to total cart value, and more. Such variety ensures that every store can tailor discount strategies to fit their unique business model and customer base.

Enhanced Discount Visibility

Maximize the impact of your discounts with features designed to highlight reduced prices and bulk pricing tiers directly on product and cart pages. Customizable messages help draw attention to promotions, significantly boosting their effectiveness.

Customer Success Stories

Featuring a dedicated section for customer testimonials, the WooCommerce Discount Manager showcases real-world success stories. These testimonials serve as powerful social proof, affirming the plugin’s efficacy and user-friendly nature.

Extensive Knowledge Base and Support

  • Rich Educational Content: Access over 200 articles, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides to master the creation of dynamic discount rules and make the most of the plugin’s extensive features.
  • Dedicated Support: Benefit from a committed support team, detailed documentation, setup guides, rapid response times, and a money-back guarantee for a seamless user experience.

Practical Applications

Scenario 1: Electronic Accessories Store

An electronic accessories store looking to drive bulk purchases can leverage quantity-based discounts. The WooCommerce Discount Manager facilitates the setup of these pricing tiers, encouraging customers to buy more through visible tiered pricing tables.

Scenario 2: Membership-Based Discounts

For stores offering exclusive deals to premium members, this plugin allows for the creation of role-based pricing strategies. Customize discounts for different user groups to foster loyalty and provide value to specific segments of your customer base.

WooCommerce Product Table: Streamlining Product Discovery and Purchases

Core Functionality

Transform your WooCommerce product listings into dynamic, searchable, and filterable tables. The WooCommerce Product Table plugin enhances customer interaction, allowing for quick and efficient product exploration and purchasing through one-page order forms and seamless discount integration.

Key Benefits

  • One-Page Order Forms: Simplify the shopping process with quick access order forms, improving customer experience and potentially boosting conversion rates.
  • Discount Integration: In collaboration with the WooCommerce Discount Manager, display detailed discount information on product pages, offering transparency and encouraging sales.

Real-World Use Cases

Enhanced Product Catalog

For stores with extensive inventories, this plugin organizes products into accessible tables, enabling customers to filter, search, and purchase with ease—a critical tool for improving site navigation and user satisfaction.

Promotion Visibility

Effectively highlight promotional items and discounts directly within product listings. This integration ensures that promotions are front and center, driving attention to deals and enhancing sales opportunities.


The WooCommerce Discount Manager and WooCommerce Product Table plugins deliver a suite of features designed to optimize pricing strategies and product presentation within WooCommerce stores. By harnessing these tools, store owners can offer personalized discounts, streamline product discovery, and ultimately elevate the shopping experience. Supported by comprehensive resources and positive customer feedback, these plugins stand as essential additions to any WooCommerce-powered online store, aiming to boost sales and enhance customer engagement.