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Version 2.5.9 report outdated
Updated on February 6, 2024
Auto Updates Yes
License GPLv2+

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The WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Tickets plugin is an all-encompassing solution designed for event management on WordPress sites. Ideal for organizers looking to create, manage, and promote seminars, events, classes, workshops, conferences, concerts, and virtually any type of event, this plugin combines functionality with ease of use. It eliminates the need for multiple add-ons by incorporating all necessary features into a single package, offering both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Core Features

Event Management

The plugin offers comprehensive tools for event creation and management, allowing users to seamlessly integrate events into their existing WordPress websites. It supports a diverse range of event types, from small workshops to large conferences, ensuring versatility across different use cases.

Attendee Tracking

An intuitive admin interface facilitates easy tracking of event attendees. This feature is essential for organizers to monitor registration numbers, manage attendee lists, and analyze event popularity, contributing to better planning and execution of future events.

Ticket Sales

With integrated ticketing functionality, users can sell tickets directly from their WordPress site. This system simplifies the ticketing process, providing a streamlined experience for both organizers and attendees. It supports various payment methods, enhancing accessibility and convenience for ticket purchases.

Shortcode Integration

The plugin allows for the easy display of events on any page or post through the use of shortcodes. This flexibility ensures that users can promote their events across their website without the need for complex coding or additional plugins.

Single Event Pages

Each event gets its dedicated page, presenting all necessary details in a clean and organized manner. This setup ensures that potential attendees have access to event information, registration options, and ticket purchasing in one central location.

Event Lists and Grids

Events can be displayed in list or grid formats, providing aesthetic flexibility and improving user navigation. The grid view includes category filters, enabling users to quickly find events that match their interests.

Dashboard and Analytics

An integrated dashboard offers insights into event statistics, payments, and attendee data. This analytical component is crucial for assessing event success, financial performance, and attendee engagement, guiding strategic decisions for future events.


The WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Tickets plugin is a powerful tool for event organizers, educational institutions, and businesses of all sizes. By streamlining event management, attendee tracking, and ticket sales within a single platform, it significantly reduces the complexity and cost associated with hosting events. Its user-friendly interface, combined with extensive documentation, ensures a smooth setup process, allowing users to focus on creating engaging and successful events. This plugin not only enhances the operational efficiency of event management but also improves the overall experience for attendees, making it an invaluable addition to any WordPress site.